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  1. How is America going to benefit from Biden getting in? I know China will and thats why they have made it their purpose to have him and his son in their pocket. Shame on all the Americans who dont come to a realistic thought process and thus voting for Biden. Do we have any chance that Americans will open their minds and make a stop to this decline that will occur under the Biden/harris administration? I really dont ever seeing this happen until it gets truly ugly.

  2. How can people believe that the new surge of the virus is Trumps fault. China knew full well that Trumps reelection chances would be diminished if they started this so called pandemic last year. Chinas urge to spread their communist ideology is inching its way into America and many of the worlds countries, especially those who have any debt to them.

  3. As if America was the only country in the entire world that was ever colonized..right. I suppose every now-developed country in the world should just give all their land…built by lifetimes of blood, sweat & tears in them to the – lets be honest…_losers_ of history. No, they were conquered for a reason, and as far as Native Americans go, they got off quite lightly, where many other populations would be massacred and utterly erased from this world.

    Naive Liberals ignore the fundamental principles that create successful civilizations.

  4. As a European citizen I am totally impartial who is ruling the USA because from the pool of American possible presidential candidates you cannot pull out anyone intelligent. Not that our EU leaders are much better, no not at all because they are nothing more than brainwashed and obedient sheep but fortunately they are totally powerless because despite all odds we have some minimal democracy which is nonexistent in the USA in any shape or form. Listening to Trump's speech I cannot escape to impression that he is either very poorly educated or unintelligent or just both and yet he is a POTUS.
    Democrats parading on TV are so scary vicious and vengeful that they remind me on leaders in our dark times 1933 – 1945 and even all the way today.
    Americans do not realise that they must have different more democratic multi party electoral system with greater choices for the people. People do not realise that the USA is the most undemocratic country in the western hemisphere. Americans are so bizarre to believe that elections are pinnacle of democracy. Well, that is absolutely wrong because American elections are clear sham. American people actually do not need elections because their voice does not matter but privileged and very often bias electoral college is the one who will elect president. That is the greatest travesty of democracy, not to mention that 99,999% of Americans have no idea what in reality means democracy. They do not understand that democracy is tested every day, every moment not just every four years. Democracy means rule of majority not a handful "democratically elected" representatives. Democracy is an inalienable right and duty of every single citizen of legal age to actively participate in forming and creating your every moment in life.
    In EU we have public referendums which act as the highest representation of popular demands, desires or wishes and in many countries their results are mandatory for the lawmakers and government. It is true that in the countries where democracy is weakening on the US demand because public opinion strongly differs from orders from Washington in these countries politicians tend to limit referendum's power. In America you have nothing like and yet people still believe in biggest lie served from the highest offices as the universal truth.

    Watching Tucker Carlsons programs I cannot escape to very strong wish that one of these days Tucker would become POTUS as he is demonstrating exceptional intelligence and wisdom. If he ever decides to try that I will feel sorry for him because political hyenas would tear him apart unless he would have very strong and open public support.