1. The laptop wasn't needed, it just further confirmed many things people ALREADY KNEW. Rosemont was formed 5 MONTHS after the inauguration (June 2009) and included John Kerry's stepson, who has also made statements lately (John Kerry) regarding Ukraine as well as him knowing nothing, despite them partnering with a Chinese firm to acquire a U.S company for military technology which required the administrations APPROVAL, and was known. Bevan Cooney also was escorted out of federal prison shortly before Bobulinski went public. There is cumulatively from various sources now in excess of 100,000 emails and texts over 5++ years, and a lot of those activities were when Biden was IN OFFICE, including, as above, deals needing the administrations APPROVAL. EVERYONE KNEW. Senate Report, previous documentation, several other parties (Bobulinski, plus Bevan Cooney) I mean, the Obama Biden administration APPROVED the sale of U.S technology for military purposes to a China GOVERNMENT linked company….."c'monn man!" lol

    Note where it says: "was reportedly involved in stealing sensitive data regarding the Joint Strike Fighter program… later reportedly incorporated the stolen data into China’s J-20 and J 31 aircraft"

  2. CCP infiltrates and controls countries around the world use the same methods of what you are seeing happening right now using dems and antifa and racial issues and riots to dismantle our country from within!!! Brain washing our youth and people with certain information and fake news!!! Censorship and culture of cancellations and fears to control us! Why HB and JB and all dems did it? Because billions and absolute power are involved,and they are also distorted by the set up and dirt CCP had on them!

  3. If Biden was to win, it all goes under the rug. Maybe it was children…trafficking. Chris Wray was sitting on it for a year. Two or three of Hunter’s partners are in jail. He’s not. Why? How many in Congress were getting this money along with Joe? Hmm. The moderator will mute Trump. The moderator is a woman who deleted her whole Twitter or Facebook account because of all the bad things she said about Trump.

  4. Lol. I love reading Ivanka's and Jared's resumes that show their qualifications to work in the white house. Or review the millions of $$ in trademarks Ivanka secured during Xi's trip to maralago. Or milliins of $$ in real estate deals Don & Eric secured specifically using Daddys name. DONALD TRUMP IS A HYPOCRIT AND PROJECTIONIST!!

  5. Problem is…how can we ensure all of this comes out and how can we guarantee that people will listen. People are so blinded by their hate for Trump with all the brainwashing that’s goin on that in their eyes joe Biden can do no wrong. Sheep annoy me

  6. When any President wins the election he is required to put his business into a blind trust; therefore, his sons and daughters can not operate the business until the President leaves the White House. Joe Biden committed nepotism by hiring his son, Hunter. In all Probability, Joe Biden used tax payer money. From what I understand, Hunter, and non Christian people like Pelosi, the Obamas, the Clinton’s, the whole Bush family and many more nefarious politicians, musicians and actors who committed & participated in unconscionable Crimes Against Humanity & High Treason. Children were hunted, stolen and bought from the British Royal family and the deep states in the USA & other countries. Biden required that his son Hunter pay Joe 10% of the money that was made from the trafficking of children. These children were moved around the world through underground tunnels. The children were used for satanic rituals, sex with adults, & probably Cannibalism. It is alleged that the powers that be have acquired tapes of Hunter Biden having sex with very young girls, also other physical and emotional abuses.when these tapes are shown to Military Tribunal. I know, in my heart, that Hunter will be put in Prison for life, or he will be put to death with a lethal injection.Joe Biden will not be able to run for President. These men should Be vetted before they are allowed to represent us in a Presidential election

  7. The best way to prevent from getting pregnant is for girl to keep them legs close……! And wait to get married , I told that to of my children now and day they're married to wowonderful and well productive and well-educated people because I told my kids that I believe and did in my own life I've been married for over 37 years to the same person because I waited.

  8. Many people have already voted with early voting and mail in ballots so even if this all comes out now and those people wanted to change their vote they cannot do it. The absolute hypocrisy of all of this is what blows my mind. I consider myself as an Independent and really do try to research all candidates, not just vote for a party. Between the media and social media platforms not being honest in their reporting you have to dig hard to find facts. Which is why I am supporting Trump because of the absolute lies of the Dems since the 2016 election and thru these past 4 years and into this 2020 election. We need TERM LIMITS but the best way to drain the swamp is to just not vote for long term incumbents. Biden, Clinton, and Obama all seem to be fake and lie. Trump is no angel, but I feel he is more honest than the others. As I said, this Independent is for Trump just because of the hypocrisy of the Dems and the craziness of the far left

  9. And why? Don't they have a host that is Republican ininstead of Democrats they've should not have a Democrats being the host like in the last two debate would to see a Republican host in the last debate. Biden to be given challenge questions for him to answer.

  10. If this story is true – It's not about the videos guys – IT'S ABOUT THE EMAILS BETWEEN HUNTER AND BURISMA OFFICIALS AND SOME ENERGY COMPANY IN CHINA!!!!!! IT'S ABOUT THE EMAILS. FOCUS!!!!!!! RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATE – IT'S ABOUT THE EMAILS!!!!!! It's not about the videos……..though those are probably incriminating as well. It's about the fact that Hunter Biden was paid ALOT of MONEY by foreign interests (read Ukraine and China) to introduce his father – the Vice President – to foreign interests. And actually – kicked back money to his dad – ie – Joe Biden. Who has repeatedly said that he did not know what his son was up to. And all I can say is this: It's a story that you would THINK is impossible to be REAL – I mean how could Hunter Biden be so STUPID???? But as someone who loves history – the history of the UK – let me tell you – there are things in history that you could not make up if you tried….. and I would also suggest that you listen to Victor Davis Hanson – who is a professor at Stanford University – who talks about how the ELITE POLITCIANS IN DC HATE TRUMP – because he is not a career politician nor a politician – both sides. Again – if this is true – it's about the EMAILS!!!!!!! AND PLEASE – PLEASE RESEARCH WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CHINA TO DISSEDENTS – Christian, Muslim, Uighur, and Tawainese. And the fact that our main stream media is so biased and not reporting on it – IT'S SCARRY. AND WE SHOULD ALL BE CONCERENED . AND IN THIS COUNTY THAT TWITTER AND FACEBOOK BLOCKED THE STORY ABOUT HUNTER BIDEN – I'M 58 I REMEMBER THE COLD WAR AND THE USSR – AND I WATCHED WHEN THE BERLIN WALL WENT DOWN – AND WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW SCARES ME – because young people just don't know – and aren't taught. I'll shut up now 🙂