Earlier tonight, President Trump campaigned in Pensacola, Florida.



  1. im confused arent ivanka and jared working in the white house? so he doesnt consider them family i guess, thats why he wants to bang her, think i understand now. It also is funny how he has Hotels in the Countrys that allowed so called strong man to come to power just missing pjongjang and his family runs businesses with these countrys as well. I hope his secret bank accounts, are filled up with taxpayer money from all the foreign emmisarys and staff that had to stay in his hotels and golf resorts, 400 million damn.

  2. Trump is a snake oil salesman from the 1800s, Trump sales himself, fear, hatred, false histories, stolen accomplishments, and better dreams. Such a sneaky man! Trump is no business man, just a great thief who won't show his taxes until it's too late to determine that he is America's enemy from within.