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  1. After the president wins. Their house be an uprising against the media to avoid another year Iike 2020 . It was fueled by them and their needs to be accountability . Their will be . This year isn’t going to be forgotten and their has been a lot of exposure of these reporters and the lies they’ve been vomiting are destructive and dangerous. This is the easiest way for people to start getting control again. Punishing the mainstream journalist so others learn from it

  2. We need to come out in force for President Trump. Please vote full GOP ticket president Trump needs the house and senate the next 4 years. Everyone must come out don't trust the democrats Biden wore a wire during the 1st debate. How stupid could you be to put traitor Biden in office. Higher taxes,job loss. Dumb regulations thats just some of what you get .

  3. You Americans are probably the luckiest people in the world, Trump 2020, when he's finished making America great again,send him to NZ so he can fix our mess that our communist party has made!!yes our government is a demacratic party!!oh,and to make it worse, ALL our news comes from cnn, very anti Trump over here, I live amongst boofheads!!