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  1. Man you are on point my brother.. i am 66 years you and never imagine voting for a Republican in the past.. i like president Trump and in the past i was on the down low and never saying I support him, now i don't give a damn and express my feeling..several of my family memeber are voting for him next week…i am.currently living in Costa Rica and mailed my ballot seversl weeks ago…

  2. I'm a moderate. I don't particularly like the left or right. I see strengths and flaws in both sides. BUT….and here it is for me in a nutshell. When Republicans here this, they let me speak. They listen and even though we may disagree they stay friendly. I dont feel threatened when I speak to republicans. Now, the Left…they hate me. I have family members who won't even speak to me because I dont agree with their left wing ideas. I have yet to see right wing protestors burn down buildings, or shoot cops. It's all on the Left. I am voting Trump because I do not want the Left in power, they are insane.

  3. My Man!! O.B. Tatum….keep doing your thing bro! I'm not fooled by biased polls or the leftist media outlets. However, I am concerned by the potential impact of their biased polls on the democrat base. I believe the media is deliberately setting the stage for social unrest in the wake of a Biden/Harris electoral loss; which, I believe is inevitable. The left-leaning media and pollsters KNOW a Biden/Harris ticket cannot win. The media is crooked….NOT stupid! They're posting FAKE poll numbers; not to deter Trump voters….after four years; EVERYONE has decided….the fake poll numbers are posted to create the same reaction that leftists had in 2016, following Clinton's loss. This time, however, the outrage will be far worse. If there was ever a time I want to be wrong, I sincerely hope this is the time. Unfortunately, I just don't believe I am.

  4. Brandon, thanks for the great vids. I’m bummed that I only found out about you the other day. I think the pollsters KNOW their polls are wrong, but they want to suppress the Trump vote.
    Now, they also have to save their reputations, so I bet over the next week we’re going to see all major polls slowly tighten their polls, and by Election Day, so it either tied or Trump slightly ahead.
    Now that Biden has called a lid on things until Election Day, I suspect he knows it’s over, and the pollsters will now start to make changes to the polls, claiming it’s the Hunter laptop that changed everything, when really, they’ve been wrong all along.