Speaking in Atlanta, Georgia, Sen. Kamala Harris slammed President Trump in a campaign stop following the final presidential debate.



  1. People are starving because pelosi won't pass the stimulus, because she want more money and wants to give illegal immigrants stimulus money. Pelosi's eating expensive ice cream from her $24,000 fridge and says she feeds the hungry….not!!! Trump did more for blacks than you or joe!!!
    He just did clemency on one's that were in jail from Joe's tough criminal bill and your sentencing. He got some out that you gave long jail sentences too for cheap labor. You sentenced black lo ger than other races!!! WHY??? Trump made permanent bill of250 million dollars a year to support black colleges. You and joe gave them extra time in jail for making a mistake…non violent drug use!!!

  2. Ok people .. if you vote for Biden and he does win..This woman WILL be your President!! These Democrat's have it all set up so she can take the seat. They will find Sleep Joe incompetent to be able to serve as President. The sad thing is Harris has been caught on video so many times lying its unreal. And she has locked up and sent so many blacks to prisons all over small drug charges as State Attorney it unreal. Just look up her track record. It explains everything..

  3. “Let me say something about Joe… he might run out of enery, but he will never run out of lies” – Kamala Harris

    “Let me say something about Kamala… if you weren’t imprisoned by her, you ain’t black” – Joe Biden