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  1. I live in Myrtle beach and would love to meet you when you come if you have time. I didn’t know the officer personally but everyday when I picked my children up from school he would be there directing traffic and making sure the students were safe. He always smiled and waved at everyone. It is very sad that all the hard work and time he put in to make his dream come true was taken from him after only a short time

  2. Do you know what , bullet form writing is ? , do you know what a false popo report looks like? We looked up to cops when I was young, iam 63, og, I was in hunters point, oj grew up there, I met awesome cops, lots, now what. Wait till ER kid gets bounced n you aren't there.

  3. Sorry brother but we can say and say and say and see with our own eyes..what these dems are doing in our faces and no one not one person is going down none of them..these people of power get away with anything they want and nothing will ever happen..that is facts,when will this stop it won’t stop.it doesn’t matter who we vote in nothing will ever happen to those people of power..

  4. what a great man that shouldn't have lost his life. Talk about serving his community, Jacob Hancher was someone to aspire to be like. I hate that bad people live on and on and good people, by being nice and serving the community, is dead in an instant! He put his life on the line and may he rest in peace. There's nothing that can get him back live and have the bad person dead or punished for what this criminal did.

  5. I was an auxiliary police officer 25 y. ago in NYC, I know it's a risk-taking, unpredictable & emotionally difficult job. But honestly, from that time NYPD workload got down & down & down, not b/c crimes were down but politicians asked to give them lower crime #s to take credit for it. One of the worse if not THE worst & have ever encountered is PO Mathew Velger of 42nd prct. in the south Bronx. This chubby, Pinocchio nose white dude responded to my call & without checking anything decided to scare me so I'll forget to call 911 anymore. His face, his tone, his demeanor, his affiliations & vile attitude toward those who call for help, is absolutely disgusting. I'm sure w/ the arrogance & viciousness he openly has (which makes him a con-man) he got away w/ lots of BS in his life. May he burn in this life & in the other. Those types not only should not even wear a badge but should be in jail.