Earlier today, pop star Lizzo campaigned for the Biden-Harris 2020 ticket in Detroit, Michigan.



  1. Biden will speak with Cardi b, and harris will speak with Lizzo, but they won't speak with Ice Cube the black man who been speaking about black issues in his music for years who is married to a black women for 30 years who always been respected in the black community. They will speak to Cardi b a ex stripper, and Lizzo who is always in the media for sexual stuff who Neither have ever spoken on black issues or even had it in their music. It's time to cancel the democrats.

  2. When people say Lizzo is "talented", I always try to picture Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, or any of the other great women singers raising their skirt and rubbing their bare naked butt cheeks on chairs at a basketball game; and it makes me sick to my stomach. Unfortunately, these are the "artists" that modern day media corporations push and promote. No real talent, let alone class or intelligence.