While the left wants more U.S. intervention in Syria. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Secretary "Lurch" Kerry is only bested by Secretary in a skanky pantsuit, asleep at the wheel, while Patriots were dying in Bengazi. How are these wastes of plasma NOT before a firing squad?!!! Do we just wait for the Creator to turn them into fertilizer? Dear Lord, tomorrow is not soon enough, but Your will be done!

  2. This is your daily reminder that John “Kerry“ is deceiving you. There’s a certain group of people who like to wear small hats who change their name when entering any vocation not just acting. They do this for the sole purpose of hiding their true identity and this man John, his last name is Cohen. Kerry sounds like a good Irish name for a politician in Massachusetts. They look like us they take our names but they are not working in our best interest.

  3. Respect for the Military?
    What about the people of the Vietnam Era?
    I returned to the civilian life back in 1976. I put in 4 years active duty and 2 years in the Naval Reserve.
    For the past 44 years I have had to put up with all the Disrespect that I have had to be exposed to.
    I worked for "BURGER KING" for 6 years. I brought to the attention of Management the Federal Wage Poster that All companies that have employees must post concerning Vietnam Era Vets, we were to be hired in and advanced in service. This "they" did NOT do. I wasn't trained in anything. I managed all the Stock, was the groundskeeper, the emergency repairman, janitor and any nasty dirty job that no one wanted to do.
    Back in 2011 I oversaw the retrofitting of the Playgrounds in 5 different stores all at the sametime. I brought the project in two weeks early and under budget. During 6 years of service, I received 1, 25 cent raise. 25 cents above Minimum Wage.
    RESPECT? For Ex Military? The BS continues.

  4. I can't believe how sickeningly corrupt the mainstream media is. They love it when they sell out the country, and send millions of people off to die needlessly and fake worse, so this giant military industrial complex companies can keep blowing your tax money on fake worst decade after decade Century after Century. The public is dumber than a box full of dirt, and can't be woken up unfortunately.

  5. John Kerry is corrupt, lobbying for arms dealers, his son in law is partners with the Biden crime family. Just because he was in Obama's jerk circle he thinks his words carry weight. This arrogant crook thinks We're all still fooled. He's got a helluva surprize coming in the form of an arrest warrant when that swamp draining begins this spring. I think it's safe to say as corrupt gpoliticians are removed and either executed or imprisoned, more businessmen are going to run for office and we, the American people will find that things will improve faster, low income , decaying areas under the Democrates will disappear, crime will drop, families will be getting of welfare. Watch.Trump2020

  6. America loves to stick its nose in any war overseas. but the troops are going to be needed here to defend the streets from these looting, burning, murdering anarchists. obviously, the dems want to dissolve the US Constitution and be the Nazis they now prove themselves to be daily.

  7. I have already voted, now I'm going hunting. No communications for 5 days. Cant wait to return, settle in with a beer and watch all the MSM and Democrat crybabies make excuses as to why Trump destroyed them again. I'll tell you why, Democrats. You have insulted and lied about OUR choice for President in 2016. When that didnt work, you insulted and lied about his 60 million supporters. Not only did that not work, your tactics, policies and candidates were so bad, another 20 million moderates and minorities abandoned you to vote Republican or not vote at all. That should have been a wakeup call in 2016 but you are slow learners. You ran even worse candidates in 2020, you had no policies to keep moderates in your camp and you align yourselves with corrupt leaders, murderers, arsonists, looters all espousing Marxist revolution when the vast majority of the country wants peace and law and order.