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  1. Problem is due to all the BLM and defund the police along with the belief that minorities have that the cops are out to kill all of them along with covid minorities are showing up in droves to vote which they didn't do in 2016. Now maybe some of them are actually voting conservative but I highly doubt it and in my opinion the liberals have the numbers if they all show up. Sure hope this doesn't happen but I personally don't see Trump carrying the minority vote, not a chance in hell.

  2. In rural upstate New York Dems get their asses handed to them in elections …… unfortunately the major population areas ( NYC, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany ) are crammed full of MORONS that vote blue election after election and NEVER understand why things keep getting worse for them. No matter how many times the FREE STUFF the DNC promises in exchange for those votes fails to materialize they keep right on voting blue.

  3. Even people who hate trump are saying their going to vote for him just to see the left really freak out again. No joke I have a buddy who doesn't really care for either or but hes on the fence. The very last thing he said to me was "I just might vote for Trump just to watch the left lose their mind"