Covid Hypocrisy is gone too far!


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  1. Now you know that COVID doesn’t harm you if you are eating in a restaurant or if you are rioting…sorry I mean peacefully protesting. It only has an impact when it can hinder Trump and the Republican Party. Lord knows it’s all Trump‘s fault too, let’s not forget that- SMH.

  2. ALL news and the demoncrats continously point out all the stuff the president does or says how he hates everyone its because the news points out every time and thing he does as discrimination or discriminatory. The do is all the time. All they report on every thing he does as wrong. If all you do listen to in the lame news all those listeners think the president is terrible. It not correct and not fair.

  3. Don't really care about the masks or shit like that but what I can say is to be careful of Covid. There isn't much to go of off but it seems like there is a surge in parosmia after covid which is when your taste and smell is heavily altered to the point where people taste and smell rotten things. Let me tell you that losing your taste and smell is child's play compared to this. I can attest to this because I have experienced loss of senses and parosmia which is what I currently have right now. It has been the worst month of my life because I am essentially starving myself because all I can eat is jello and fruits. It's gotten so bad that I was on the verge of depression and suffering from minor anxiety because of this and I'm not an anxious or depressed person at all. I wanted to let people know that this is a possibility of getting covid. There isn't much coverage of it but I'm happy to share links of people discussing their cases and few articles talking about it

  4. So I’ll admit, I watch some of your videos because your views lean to the opposite side of my views. I can also admit that sometimes I can see common ground in your views and understand your perspective.

    I don’t really get your point in this video though mainly because of how you framed your opinion. It seemed like it would make more sense to say that no one should have to wear a mask or that everyone should wear a mask vs saying it’s hypocritical without providing a solution.

  5. It’s very funny that all you hear out of the left is wear mask and more testing. More testing! I have yet to figure out how testing for the virus helps anything other than saying yes you have it or no you don’t. The left doesn’t have a solution for anything just that we need to wear a mask and testing. I’ve been over this COVID for a long time. If God wants to take me he can and will at anytime.

  6. I'm with u 100%, but in these hard times of Covid-19, "WE THE PEOPLE" need some positivity, even if it comes in the form of a championship in any sport for that city. You can't blame people for celebrating their city. Protesters do it daily, so why not celebrate something like this? Like I said, I'm always with you, but this one time, I actually gotta say you tripping bro. Let the people celebrate bro. keep doing the good fight, but this isn't one of them. In the end, at least it wasn't a riot. RIP Kobe Bryant

  7. Yah so tired of it. Signs can't enter with out one.but yet people do. Over summer .A worker at a local iga told me,after mandatory sighn went up. Workers don't have choice,but customers do .And we can't kick em out if they don't have one. The local mall n food placesust have mask Just tired of it and like you said the mobs aren't doing it …oh yah and the DICtators aren't either until they get caught.