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  1. I’ll go watch the rally. BUT last I checked DEMON-crats are the racist ones. Go back thru history of America. Slave owners. Dems. Most of the crooked politicians. Dems. The ones wanting to destroy America and try to do a “Hitler” DEMS!!! Wake up folks. Trump might not be a clean and strait laced man but he’s better than the other side. He need a business man leading us as a country. Not a fill my pockets up politician.

  2. I was in tears the entire time. And stood up in my living room and sang the national anthem with you all. If I had known ahead of time I would’ve been down there to support you. Hope you all can come to let us worship this coming Sunday with Sean Feucht! Love you standing for the police, for the nation, and for Jesus!

  3. Just keep doing what you do, they can't stop us all and the truth will come out. This is a time you can't hide information anymore, we just have to keep pushing and get it out there for all to see so the people can make a real informed decision in national and local elections.

  4. Liberals continue to slander Blexit and any POC that doesn't tow the Dem/Lib. story line/narrative…Joe Biden even said if you don't vote for him you ain't black…Hey Libs, black folks and POCs can think for themselves and vote for who they choose…keep up the good work Brandon

  5. What doesn't make sense is this. Why does every Trump hater call Trump a liar? If he is such a liar, why won't he just say what everyone wants to hear then? He could easily say, everything that Biden is saying, or "We all need masks, I cannot make it a law, noone will be arrested, but it is a small thing to help us open up the economy." But he doesn't. He says what he thinks(which may cost him the election, BTW), but that is not lying. I think people hate Trump the most because he doesn't lie. He tells it like it is from his point of view(another reason he may lose).

    People need to wake up and see that a Biden vote is for a Harris presidency and even if you hate Trump, that is a scary thought. Even the Dems didn't like her in the Democratic National Convention. Even though Trump is egotistical and bombastic, he loves America. I can't say the same for Biden or Harris.