GOLDBERG: “What do you think, Ana, depending on who wins today how it will impact the parties?”
NAVARRO: “Well, look, first let me answer the question about the anxiety level. I couldn’t sleep last night. Al couldn’t sleep last night. But I woke up this morning and I walked around the block. There’s two precincts, there’s two voting precincts where I take Cha-cha to walk. Everything was normal. People were happy. People were voting. I could see the volunteer poll workers. They were so happy to be there. I kind of calmed down. I’m feeling very zen right now. And I say it, we got this, America. We have had 220 years of peaceful transfer of power in this country. That’s something that so many other countries, including the one I fled, cannot say. I started thinking about John Lewis and I started thinking about 100 years of the 19th Amendment and the suffragettes. I hope people go out and vote today, those who still have not voted, and that they keep that in mind, keep that in their hearts as they vote that this is the greatest democracy and we will defend it. It will stand up. It has survived wars, it survived all sorts of things. And look, to your question as far as the effect on both parties, I hate to tell you this, even if Trump loses tonight, I think the fever doesn’t break. I think he’s going to be around for a while. We’ve seen way too many Republicans like Lindsey Graham, like Marco Rubio, like Ted Cruz who have done the entire transformation. They started like Jeff Goldblum in ‘The Fly, with a few characteristics but by now, four years later they’re in full fly mode. And — and that’s not going to change overnight. And I don’t think Trumps — the Trumps — the Trump and his children and his band of grifters go away overnight because this is their shtick now. They want to sell books and they want to be relevant. And they want to be on TV. And they want to get people to their properties. And they want to be able to get people in foreign countries to give them loans. So I think the Trumps are here in the Republican Party for a while longer, even if he loses and certainly if he wins.”
GOLDBERG: “Yeah. Well, I’m going to — I’m going to read you something that I hope makes you feel better; 8 percent of Americans — oh, no where is it? Oh, here it is — 100 million people have already voted and we see no large scale fraud. In Texas early turn-out exceeds the entire turn-out from 2016. Same is too in Hawaii and Montana too. In Georgia just under 4 million have voted nearly matching 2016, 4.2 already. The number of ballots being rejected for mistakes is lower in 2020. And in Florida where 1.3 percent of mail-in ballots were tossed in 2018, only .3 have been tossed thus far. And last I’m going to tell you, is NBC News survey found confidence in the fairness of this election has risen 7 percent since the summer. Now, I know that if it goes in a crazy way and Joe doesn’t get elected, he’s going to say to people everybody calm down, you know, we’ll figure this out. You think the other one — you think you know who will do the same if his people start going off and being crazy? You think they’ll think he’ll say to them calm down?”
BEHAR: “No, no.”
BEHAR: “No.”
BEHAR: “First of all, we have to remember — people have to remember Trump that is hanging on to power and primarily, I think, it’s to avoid going to prison. You know, people don’t remember Watergate. John Ehrlichman, Haldeman they both went to prison. John Mitchell went to prison. The only reason that Nixon didn’t go is because he was pardoned by Gerald Ford. They will go to jail. He will go to jail. He has to answer E. Jean Carroll. He has to answer the southern district. He’s petrified. That’s why he’s barricading himself. It’s not just about holding on to power. And those other three stooges you were just talking about, maybe they’ll get voted out eventually. Because they have no core of self. Cruz — I love what you said yesterday Ana about Rubio, fantastic. These people need to b taken down immediately. We will never have a country. I’m sorry Sara I’m not as positive as you are.” [crosstalk]
GOLDBERG: “The thing that we have to do right now is go to break. We’ll be right back.”

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