In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky: You can’t see it, but it’s everywhere and it’s deadly. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  2. therecis alot of client misinformation, as you call it. i say it is more of a we dob't know for sure, but this this or this is going to happen… one fact about climate is inescapable truth and scientists working in the petroleum industry have known for decades. Fossil fuels put carbon in the air and we are heating up. the plastics coming together in the pacific ocean are petroleum products as well and are altering ocean currents which drive weather. after coal, the oil industry must cease to exist, and quickly.

  3. Don't they have wildfires like this every f**** year for the past 25 years you know you wouldn't put it past one of these f**** left-wing nutcases to go out and start f**** fires and it's like well you know the fires aren't that bad so we need to start the fires in a more dangerous way and more dangerous areas to where it engulfs a lot of our forests and communities

  4. …and nobody talks about the fact the PEOPLE are setting these fires…hmmm…wonder why? I haven't voted for the 50 years I've been on this earth because I don't believe in Government that demands co-dependency from the people they are supposed to serve. With that said…after watching highlights of last nights debate Trump is getting my attention. I am an entrepreneur who believes in being responsible for EVERYTHING I attract and create in my life. I believe in mentoring…and I would personally hire Trump as a business mentor…why? Because for the last 4 years he has kept his head down and set about straightening out the "MESS: we call government…while being attacked on all sides for it. He is straight up asking for 4 more years to clean up the mess we have been collectively creating for over 200 years. Idk…I'm 50…and the number 5 means change…I just might end my 50 year boycott on voting this year…we shall see. 🙂

  5. Thanks again Liberals……you won't allow Forrest management i.e. logging, brush clearing, underbrush thinning, control burns ! You blame it on climate change so why doesn't the rest of the planet have as many fires? They manage their Forrest and don't have the political arsonists! Wake the HELL UP!

  6. Can someone explain to me how this isn't Trump's fault? I mean, I know California is a total shythole state, but 58% of the lands in California are federally protected and managed. So, isn't it a federal issue? My kid needs an answer for Her science class teacher that basically told the class that it was Trump's fault because… Bla!… Bla!… Bla! Federal program controlled burns… Bla!… Bla!… Bla!

  7. Inslee can't even fix the homeless crises, as a matter of fact the homeless population has gotten way worse even after he received 1.2 billion from federal funding this year for the homeless. All the homeless got was maggot infested apples. And his salution to fight the pandemic was to reliece all the
    prisoners. Now he thinks he can fix climate change. Are you really going to trust this guy with your lives??? You might want to reconsider voting him back into office He's not even supposed to be running he already did his term limit. Why are you putting up with this nonsense. And of course they will cheat to re elect him even the Democrat voters don't like this guy, they have to fix this election for him to win.

  8. Gavin Nuesom is a deep state puppet and an idiot too. I am a climate change denier and dont agree with California being a place illegal people feel safe from the law, Governor Neusome needs to think about California and the people that live in his district and not let the city rot. Trump 2020