Dr. Ngozi Ezike of Illinois Dept. of Public Health has an emotional moment while giving a Coronavirus death toll update.



  1. keep believing the BULL SHIT, all the deaths are not from covid-19 , everything is being linked to covid , and as bad as this sounds there are persons that die every day , this is no different from and other year/day or month, can't wait for those of you who still believe the BS to suffer the lost of all your rights and freedoms as well as joining the ranks of the poor and or homeless , wake up people and you just might have a chance.

  2. Dr. Ngozi Ezike, I am a staunch believer and abider by the Rule of Social Distancing, so rather than wish I could give you the biggest hug, I send you my biggest cyber-hug. You deserve so much more. Thank you for being a strong women whose not afraid to just be. Hugs

  3. Dr. Ezike needs to step down from her role as Illinois DPH director if she was the one suggesting that restaurants close for indoor dining. Many businesses will defy Governor Pritzker’s orders because they are in danger of closing permanently if they don’t receive the proper financial assistance.

  4. My PCP decided to retire due to the pandemic, so I scheduled a first appointment with a new doctor he recommended. An hour before the appointment I get a call informing me it's canceled because she is sick and will be out for a week. They're not allowed to tell me if it's covid.