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  1. Yup here in Portland is turning into a dump with tents, graffiti, garbage,… just like Seattle. Glory of Antifa loosing it! The glorious day I am eagerly awaiting.

    We need normal young Americans in office untainted by the schemes of the political scam machinery.

  2. And let’s not forget what Peter Schweizer brought forward Hunter Biden through a shell company help to Chinese get our silent run technology for our submarines that means they put our sons and daughters in the United States Navy and probably the other military’s at risk. These are our friends and family these are the brave men and women of the United States of America that raised their hand and swore an oath to protect the Constitution of United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The Bidens are obviously enemies of the constitution and enemies of the good and decent people of the United States of America. I hope that laptop shows America where they have stashed the money there must be foreign banks all over the world that have the Biden blood money stashed.

  3. They are not paid to think they are paid to cause as much chaos as they can.
    If they stopped and though about what they was doing and the real reason behind it they would not be doing it.
    If they was told go out and cause as much chaos as you can because we are wanting to take over so that we can control all of you and also you will no longer have any rights at all. They would not be wanting that.
    So they are not told the real reason , they are told that it will help your cause. LOL no morons it will help the elitist agenda which is to have total control over every human being and strip everyone of all of their rights.

  4. Its okay, college in 2020 is for the stupid people too entitled and lazy to get a job, its an indoctrinated institution that poisons the minds of young people. Politically charged curriculum, way overpaid staff, identity politics, yeah, the college system needs torn down and rebuilt

  5. Could this be a result of the " time out culture"? Spare the rod, spoil the child. As a retired teacher, you could tell the students that got " a serious talking to and time out", and a child that got a spanking on their bottom when it was needed. I got two spankings during my childhood. I learned from that to respect authority, even if I didn't always agree or think it was " fair" ( which is a word that is relative, since what I think is fair to me, may not seem so to you