BLEXIT Back The Blue! Washington D C Brandon Tatum Speaks infront of live crowd!


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  1. I am so tired of people putting the police down saying "no guns", "no mace", "no pepper spray", "no gas". What is left? Bring clowns and a birthday cake? If the police were to throw banana cream pies they would ban all pie. Enough. Stop committing crimes and stop resisting police.

  2. Please move to Oklahoma and run for office. I'd vote for you and it's not because you're a former Cop, it's not because you're Black, and it's not because you are a handsome devil — it's because you have something I rarely see in D.C. – that's integrity! As a former Vietnam Huey door gunner, I can say without a doubt, that the man on the other door was my brother. He protected my back and I his and it didn't matter if he was Black, Red, Purple, straight, bi, gay, Christian, Jew, or atheist. I imagine it was that way for you in law enforcement – you got each other's back and that is a bond that will be with you the rest of your life. You may not be Cop anymore but you are still doing the same mission – To Serve & Protect

  3. To everyone that is watching this guy's channel. If have the means, connections and capability to spread social media, you MUST do what you can to get people to watch and learn; in order for the people of United States to wake up and know the truth. To ALL people with the choice to vote, whether you are Republican, Democrat or any other party…please know that evil (currently) has the upper hand and if you don't seek the truth, you will see that all your freedoms and virtues will be taken away from you. If you think that shutting down the country due to a virus was a compromise on your freedom, wait and see what is coming next. Government is not G-d. We, the masses are the 99.9% of human beings. Don't let the .01% decide how to rule your life. This year will go down in history as the most crucial turning point in the direction (good or evil) that mankind will see. Don't let yourself be lied to anymore. Stand back and try to take a panoramic view of what is going on and put the pieces together. You will see that the governments of the world are attempting to slowly but surely rule over you. Do be passive and be taken advantage of. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  4. So proud of you my Christian brother. Every darn one of us can do something to elect our great president for four more years . Don’t ever think what you do or say is too small just do something. We have to get this one for the life of America! God bless the USA. Lord, we need healing, we need unity, but most of all we need to put You first. May Your will be done Almighty God…Amen