FULL RECAP BLEXIT Back The Blue! Washington D C Brandon Tatum Leads March in DC!!!

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  1. Mr Tatum… You are what I would term as " Normal '.. A Son of Man and Paydiotic gentleman who would ha e an unoppressed environment for his children to grow up in.. Regardless of the skin colour of your neighbpurs.
    Thar is simply the Constitutional value of the U S A.. Which is based upin the GOD given free rights of man as enacted by English Common Law 1688/89.. and Avowed to in perpetuity by our forebears for us.. Their children. Skin colour doesn't come into it.. Nor anything else… You are born Free. As GOD intended.. Sin however.. and our freedom from it is what our Lord Jesus is all about.
    May our Lord Jesus blrss hyou and your Loved ones by his Spirit of peace and joy.. Eternally . May you succeed in everything that you set out to achieve. In Jesus mighty and blessed name. HALLELUJAH EMMANUELLE.. AMEN AMEN AND AMEN..
    Much Love for the citizens of the USA from England .AND THE ENGLISH AND THE UK CITIZENS OF SCOTLAND WALES AND NORTHERN IRELAND… THE UK…. ( Not to be confused with the political system that people are confused by… Named the 'British '.. Who are Oligarcal Corporate Globalist. Communism for the people ( but not themselves.. they just want control. ).. parasites … POTUS .. Trump is NOT one of them which is why these parasites have pulled out the stops and wasted billions.. even colluding with foreign nations like China and Iran and a once corrupted Ukranian government… to bring down tbe UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. You have a fifth column within your boarders USA and ypu need to teach the citizens how they are being decieved into destroying their own lives and trying to have you entertain a civil war…Please don't.. Because this then fives the U N A reason to invade with blue helmets as pseudo peace keepers… most of whom would be Chinese and Russian….. Please don't America.. please don't allowe them to destroy yourselves by simple propaganda and Hegelian dialect… Our Lord wants to forgive ALL FLESH… HE DOESN'T STATE A COLOUR… ALL LIVES MATTER TO GOD and THE RIGHTEOUS.. THE MEEK AND THE HUMBLE AND INNOCENT…. AND A HEADS UP.. GOD WINS. .

  2. this brought a tear to my eye. not because, I'm offended, not because i hate trump. but because these are true blooded Americans fighting for what is right and what is true. thank you all for being such amazing people in this beautiful countrty.