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  1. After a few hours of boredom, I decided to find out why Democrats don't like Russia so much. They support all of the ideas that the RED ARMY supported. And the white army are Republicans trying to stop communism from becoming a spreading disease! It all makes sense now! Democrats are the RED TERROR of the US.

  2. The "cookie poll" reminds me of the old days when the Weekly Reader was the most accurate predictor of Presidential election outcomes. The Weekly Reader was a little newspaper that was distributed to elementary school children. Pollsters would take a poll of these children and for the most part their answers reflected what they heard their parents talk about and whom they were voting for. As I recall, they were never wrong.

  3. No I believe it . We travel a lot for work we have a click poll we pass around in the breakfast lobby or lobby in general amongst people who chose to click , kind of fun for people so they do it. It is like a ball counter an umpire uses. Only let's a person click it once, In the 14 states we have been in trump comes ahead about 26 percent .on average and much higher in some states. It said Trump would win the last time and we were skeptical , not no more!