President Trump showed this Bernie Sanders-produced at a rally in The Villages, Florida, hammering Joe Biden on Social Security.



  1. I introduced the video showing Biden talking about cutting social security/medicare to my older siblings. They said it's takin' out of context or is a simple lie. They are all well into their 60's, so I've written off their remarks to age. They also think I'm a radical because I insist on holding both parties feet to the fire, which makes their heads explode!!

  2. Still better than a guy who’s a moron, a pathological liar, and heartless. I’ll take the guy who clarified his stance on a few issues vs a guy who doesn’t understand the difference between effective tax and marginal tax rates (aka the so-called “business man”)

  3. the dems dumped Bernie Sanders – why did they do that… Sanders – a fully capable candidate, able to hold his own, a sharp candidate. Dems picked failing Biden and he picked power hungry lound-laugh racist Harris with no substance, running for the most responsible job in the nation with a no appropriate attitude.
    Dems also dumped Warren – another sharp candidate.
    Both Bernie and Warren – were very serious about what's at hand – focused on policies – chance to compete denied….

  4. This is my favorite clip. Whenever I need a good laugh I listen to this. Joe Biden promoting cuts very affirmatively and then at the end of the clip when he finally admits to them in the debate as "necessary" to fund "other things". A big TY to Bernie Sanders. If you were here I'd give you a great big hug for this.