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  1. … so [PROUD] (even boisterous!)- “GUN- OWNING” LAW ABIDING CITIZENS… don’t smoke the happy- grass?… (even the “reports” say Walker was “legally- in- possession” of a “legal- firearm” during the incident… oh, AND “ZERO” drugs were found (nor planted?)… sheesh!

  2. poor brandon tatum is getting a lot of down votes. this is too bad. the anti-cop commenters are everywhere. all of them are legal amateurs. they listen to race hustlers like Sgt. Dorsey, Ben Crump, Queen Shakur and Roland Martin and repeat their outrageous lies. like 1) warrant is invalid 2) cops wanted drug money 3) govt want to chase black people out of the hood. 4) Mattingly shot himself 5) police didn't announce themselves.. judging by the comments for every 6 Tatum deniers there are 600 supporters with their heads on straight and their moral compass working right. so after we confront a bailey joe or any other denier say a half dozen times with real evidence then i think we can stop and just call them idiots and conspiracy nuts.

  3. Hey let's talk about the post master saying there was no suspicious packages . That's how they obtained the warrant. So how is anything justified if the warrant was issued on a lie ?? @The officer Tatum. Let's hear it. If I'm lying . You can easily prove me wrong . The post master Said he told the cops no suspicious packages. Please help me understand

  4. What, you didn't get the memo? Facts are racist. We don't use those anymore. On the night in question, Miss Taylor made the last in a long string of bad decisions, and it turned out to have been fatal. That's (arguably) unfortunate, but it is in no way 'wrong'.

  5. I'm disgusted with you bro and I like you but I just watched the cbs interview a few days ago that the boyfriend done with his attys showing body cam footage and the 911 calls and the warrant that was lied to get that caused B.T. death. The neighbors were calling for the police to come out there as well as B.T. bf while in the apt. Why would you call the police if your B.T. bf if they announced themselves….I know you probably did go by the law when you were a police but don't stand up for police officers that you don't know what kind of training they had to speak on what happened when the evidence says different. You need to shut up about or apologize for what you thought happened. God bless.

  6. So why was part of Breonna's name redacted? We know her name so why redact after the fact? That could end up being a different name to show that is a Breonna some-other-last-name talking… That completely strikes me as being odd to redact "known" information that way.

  7. So no one here never brought drugs?
    Gun photo doesn't mean anything. I can buy a fake ak and flex like it real. I can go to a friend house and flex with his gun like it's real. The fact is that the body cam and how the police tried to fix the problem after realizing that they fuck up is proof that the police were wrong.

  8. Lol. I agree with you on some stuff but this is a stretch. So if someone poses with a gun in one picture then has a photo of them having/smoking weed in another they are up to no good? So there's an "average I love guns" look? yikes

  9. So, reading these reports Kenneth Walker says he had dated breonna on/off for about 8 years. And we know she was dating J. Glover in 2016, bc of the dead body in her car. SO SHE been dating both men for the last 4 years on and off. Does anyone else find it weird that K. Walker was fixing to start a job at the usps. I mean this was prolly their new "in" at the post office. All the hype about the Post Master saying he didnt see anything suspicious go thru for j. glover, thats cause it wasnt going to BT house in his name, it was going in hers. AND OF COURSE IT WASNT SUSPICIOUS. ALSO, in one of the pictures of the "crime" scene shows a probable bb gun sitting beside the sliding glass door., its a long shot but if he had that in his arm or she did, it could maybe be mistaken for a LONG GUN especially in the dark. Idk…but she wasnt innocent, rhey are everyone asshole deep in drugs.