President Trump praises presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker and slams Lesley Stahl of “60 Minutes.”



  1. I guarantee you’ll never see a project housing or any low income housing anywhere near where these politicians live they’ll force it on you but damn sure make sure it doesn’t get into their neighborhood by the way what person of any color and wants to fight their way out of the projects and out of the ghetto just to have the projects built in the suburbs where they just fight tooth and nail to be able to live

  2. Trump is such a big FAT liar. Put your feminine hands down. His stand up act is lame. It's just him talking crap.

    I guess part of being a Trump supporter is you have to be an enabler. Believe what he says about other people, but ignore the same thing about him. They probably have a person like him in their families/lives and it all seems familiar. Trump is always kidding or being sarcastic. Having fun, etc. He was begging women to like him. He tries to play it off like he wasn't. He doesn't seem to realize we see exactly how he is. Even if somebody was to tell him why people don't like him, he wouldn't get it.

    California is already Destroying single family house neighborhoods. I worked with a guy, who mortgaged a house (for a ridiculous price) on a single house street. Now there's a huge apartment complex down the street from his house!!