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  1. How anyone can hear about or watch videos here on Youtube of Venezuela, an oil rich country, which was once the 4th richest, then Chavez turned it into a Socialist country and they lived well until the money ran out and became worthless because of inflation. But they just kept on printing money and soon hyperinflation set in and prices there now for everything are so high, that no one can afford anything. The prices are so high that they can sell their oil, nor can they afford refrigeration, and now all the meat they sell in their market is rotten and have maggots on it, but the people are so starving to death that they have to wash off the maggots and eat it anyway. And I don't particularly wish that to happen here in the USA, and I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would listen to AOC. She must hate this country and all the American People very much, and yet, there are people actually listening to her. Given this is true, why would anyone listen to listen to her? There's really only one explanation for that. They must be that dumb. Search above: Venezuela rotten meat. Watch. The President is right.

  2. Didn't AOC oppose Amazon coming to the big apple, which would have generated many well paying jobs for NYC and additional much need revenue (and how NYC needs all the money they can get) but her innate stupidity said no ,because that would had driven up the price of housing (Speculative at best) Actually this stupidiac belongs in a mental institution
    Get help Schizo!!!!

  3. Hm.. starting to wonder If there Is alot more stupid people In the US then here in Sweden (You can find nuts here also ofc). Not strange I suppose US being so much bigger. But here noone would actually bother caring about things like racist etc etc. Because It's just silly. Sure there might be some around. But the majority of us know that we don't give a shit what color/gender or whatever you are. Il treat everyone equally good or bad 😛

  4. Down with the two brainwashed faced liberal left. I am sick and tired of them and all the bold faced lies and accusations. You are exactly right. The bias left wing media and the way the left acts with the way they treat Trump and Republicans in genera Made me care about politics. For the last 2 years I am into politics on a daily basis.

  5. AOC is more intelligent than her voters. They put her in office and she's done a fabulous job of shoveling BS. Remember the 25,000 Amozon jobs she passed on? She's an idiot even her boss says she's a dink. In an interview Pelosi said her cup of coffee would win that district if it ran as a Democrat. He's not PC and it upsets "progressives."

  6. Actually, you can use the Lefts tactics against them. If you are an Alpha Person, even in a debate, take notes. Let the Kamel speak, be kind, offer her some water. Then, tear into her like a Prosecutor on a murder conviction. Let it be known how many times she interrupted you on your time, point out the FACTS over her LIES, and then going forward, everytime she interrupts you, start counting. The American people will see it and hear it, even from the Left, on how unprofessional Kamala really is. Show how the other side is "Bullying The Conversation". This will disarm an aggressive person within minutes. Because then they're focusing on themselves than the topics. This takes training but highly effective. Myself, I never lose a debate or argument.

  7. If the Left has a problem with politics, then stay out of it. Because the name calling and insults has been going on since the Andrew Jackson Era, which is longer than women or African Americans could do squat. Btw, how come nobody ever acknowledges what JOHN BROWN did for African Americans when freed African Americans didn't do squat against Slavery? This was DECADES before the American Civil War, which btw, alot of white people gave there lives so that Slavery could be ended. BLM should stand for "Bullshit Lying Morans" because ALL LIVES MATTER. And if anyone gets in my face screaming BLM, I'll slap the taste out of there mouths. I'm fed up with having to basically walk on Egg Shells because of the Media of SJW assholes. No more Politically Correctness. If you are an ASSHOLE, they come in all colors, gender and sexual preferences. When you act like one, you'll be called one. Keep yours Clean and you won't have any problems.

  8. Speaking of the Left, did anyone see how Hunter Biden got his Navy Commission? No Boot Camp, no Officers Training Course, NOTHING. Yet gets an exempt from his PAST DRUG PROBLEMS. Then, you ready for this, he comes up hot on his first day and has to sign. What a walking bag of failure after failure. Good thing because who's going to take orders from someone like that? I'd beat his ass just for GP. Yet his daddy is proud of him. Yet Obama picked this guy. The Biden Family will die off slowly. Just watch.