Dr. Li-Meng Yan joins Tucker Carlson with insight on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Mr. Trump getting arrested. As we speak the US Attorneys office is compiling final search warrant to go to Trump Tower and arrest Mr. Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump for wire fraud, racketeering, corruption including hiding offshore accounts and special payments received from Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, China and Russia. Check Pacer (Public Access To Court Electronic Records) for New York Western District.

  2. It was obvious from the very beginning, if we follow the course and mode and spread of the virus and where it was targeted to, that its a man made virus, i wonder why the WHO still keeps mum, would never blame trump if he calls it a china virus,

  3. Nothing to see here. "Fact checkers" who are simply keyboard warriors for the left, say this isnt true. Move along. Actually, you shouldnt even have a right to speak so, lets remove your voice entirely.
    So what that the press are supposed to be "fact checkers" and since they have stopped doing that, they have outsourced that job to folks not good enough to get a job in journalism.

    By the way, look up US patents 7279327, 7220852, 7776521.
    patents on corona virus.
    see who owns them. but its illegal to patent "mother nature". and why would youtube/google remove EVERY one of my comments mentioning those specific patents?

  4. Thanks for telling me something I knew from beginning…
    Now they just need to admit they already have the f**** cure Because they did not release something they have no way to combat.
    And I know The fucktards Who created it wanted to make money which they can't do that if they were all dead!?

  5. Dr. Cotropia of Bioclonetics/Enzolytics(ENZC) and his Patented "Clone 3" Tech IS THE ANSWER to ALL the "Mutation" and "Viral Leakage" problems Big Pharma is having with Covid-19 solutions, Dr. Fauci/Gov tried stealing his Patent for Monoclonal Antibodies in "1989" but lost the case. Dr.Cotropia's is ALL NATURAL from Humans and "NEUTRALIZES" the cell IN 98% OF THE 2300 HIV Virus strains tested in 5 Independent Labs around the World including Harvard/Dana Faber in Boston and he also thinks it will work on Covid 19 due to it's similar cell structure. Please research and Share.

  6. . Angel bomb Hammett he helped get over here shut the public and check the United States name sent out the top back over the China has watched don't happen when Joe biting his head office now left and people need to realise the way hes doing in that at women run waiting she dishes batters he is she said not backing tells a straight answer all she got date out by maxim funny funny about her

  7. No. It’s a bat virus, that was modified in an effort to develop a vaccine for SARS type viral infections. Probably due to poor safety standards it leaked out of the lab. There is very strong evidence that the virus originated in several locations and in several people who never went to the fish market, and never even had friends or relatives who went to the fish market.