President Trump accuses Joe Biden of disrespecting former President Barack Obama at last night’s presidential debate.



  1. RINO Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA also said America is just an "idea", not a people or nation . Then America First corrected him . He claimed ignorance called the people correcting him the "far right" , and then eventually discared his "idea"

  2. Obama either turned a blind eye or was so stupid he trusted Joe and Hillary. When Trump wins the guilty will be exposed, their media and internet collaborators will need to be regulated because they know that free speech endangers their profits. Selling out America for money and socialism would be the worst deal ever.

  3. On Thursday we've had the worst day for cases of covid since the beginning of this 77,000. Until we deal with the pain demick. Until we deal with climate change. Until we do with the crack in our foundation the division systemic racism causes our country will be infiltrated Buy corporate tyranny by dividing us against each other. 80 court cases 250 million in dark donations tied to corporate polluters to control the Judiciary branch. We need a leader who's going to get out in front of these problems not stir the shitpot. Dumping Trump is a start