Sen. Mitch McConnell pointed the finger at Senate Democrats for starting the era of “our contemporary difficulties with judicial nominations.”



  1. Reading these comments…im embarrassed to see that nobody seems to have any clue about what the issue is.

    So many people just latch on to media talking points and run around blabbering as if they have any idea of what they're talking about.

    I really do blame the media. Important facts and a balanced argument is too 'boring' I suppose…but look what we have now?!? Millions of morons at each other's throats over partisan talking points.

  2. McConnell is a monumental hypocrite. He believes his own self serving bullshit as much as Trump. What an immoral mind ****! But he gloats and attempts to take the moral high ground anyway, and points to the Democrats as justification for every breach of ethics and reinventing his own rules to suit the situation. I hope he lives long enough to see his legacy of bullshit come crashing down. He said it himself. "Sooner or later the shoe will be on the other foot". Voters with brains and ethics have very good long term memories, and this is far from over.

  3. Democrat Presidents have nominated candidates with bipartisan appeal, all of which got over 60 confirmation votes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg got 96.
    Republican Presidents nominate candidates with no bipartisan appeal, none of which ever got 60 confirmation votes, to as few as 50.
    Do we really want Justices on the highest court in the land to be that partisan?

  4. This dumby is pretending like it’s the president’s involvement that matters… this total imbecile is pretending Amy is a faultless judge and there is no genuine disagreement if she should be let onto THE HIGHEST COURT OF THIS COUNTRY… you are a fool. For the sake of men, woman, and the sanctity of this country… do not let this woman onto the Supreme Court.

  5. The Republicans in the Senate should man up and get rid of Mitch McConnell. he has been toxic to America and he alone is responsible for the state of the nation. All those bills sitting on his desk gathering dust because he alone does not want to pass them and give Democrats credit for doing anything. I really wonder how he stays alive.

  6. He also, while representing a state that receives more money from the federal government than they provide to it, complained about New York (a state that provides more money to the federal government than they receive from it) getting too much federal aid during this pandemic. The guy has zero shame.

  7. McConnell lecturing Democrats about blocking judicial nominations when this is the exact same guy who blocked hundreds of judges and prevented Obama from picking a SC judge a year before the election??

    Lolololol that’s like Ted Bundy lecturing someone about murder.

  8. Are these republicans for real or what?!! You've been stacking the judges once Obama was out and the you're screaming bloody murder that democrats will stack the courts after Trump! Now you have the audacity to say "our contemporary difficulties with judicial nominations" when you wouldn't even have a hearing about Obama's Supreme court judge?! You wouldn't even let Obama have federal judges and screaming like snowflakes?! Bunch of snakes the you whole lot are.