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  1. StuartK
    Watching this election and all the debate around it with great interest from here in the UK because the result matters far beyond US shores, there are two points in particular that stand out. The left constantly call Donald Trump a racist and a supporter of White Supremacists, but I have never heard anyone making such an offensive accusation, back it up with factual evidence. Trump constantly denounces White Supremacist groups, which is ignored, whilst nobody questions Biden about giving a eulogy at a KKK leaders funeral or asks him to denounce Antifa. The other point that stands out is, it is clear what Donald Trump has done in the first four years and he has been clear about his policies for the next four years, but I have never heard anyone articulate any of Biden's achievements in 47 years, and beyond him claiming to 'have a plan' I don't know with any clarity what those plans are!! Is he going to ban Fracking and phase out the Oil industry and surrender the US self sufficiency in energy or not, is he going to pack the court or not, will he do a new deal with Iran and wreck the new and future peace accords between Israel and Arab neighbours or not?

  2. another thing :- Covid 19 is a hoax a CCP leverage attack on USA in effort to help their puppet Joe Biden to win the seat and push the rest of already blackmailed politicians to total control of USA ( kind of : china to rule USA behind their red curtains ) .
    there are over 650,000 people only in America dying every year from heart diseases , every year . how many has died from this so called pandemic Covid 19 ?
    wait for it , wait for it , out of 164.000 cases of possible Covid 19 deaths ? only 9,857 + ( less than 10,000 ) are related to Covid 19 since 2019 .
    you think i am making shit up ?
    CDC on heart disease deaths in USA :
    CDC on Covid 19 in USA :
    Americans need to do 3 major things when Trump wins 2020 ,
    #1- abolish all Political parties and start voting local citizens with civic education and have a great merit records .
    #2 – abolish the 1996 Telecom Act by Billy boy Clinton and go all the wy to the 1949 Bill that established MSM by American communist wolf William Homer Thornberry .
    #3- petition to expulsion of all criminal politicians and deport all BLM , ANTIFA and any Violent organizations or movements that threatens the free states of USA ( this is by Constitution under 2nd A ( at well regulated Militia for the security of a free state ) regulated = Regulator forces , not limited . you got to understand the Constitution language : it means all citizens of the free states have the right to assemble forces and act as regulators to defend their states . so yeah #3 is important to deport all the criminals participated in their treasonist acts by rioting against their own states and threatened and murdered their own citizens . all got to go folks .
    do that ? and see how fast USA will rise again to freedom .