1. CALIFORNIA JUSTICE for Children . . Kamala Harris’s job as California Attorney General was another added nightmare for us when my 10 year old son’s death investigation was opened in 2014 . .25 years after his death and we were still forced to returned to the same criminally corrupt Santa Clara County Sheriff Office that refused to investigate his death and the witness that spilled was left out there for 18 months while the County / State watched and Joshua did not get the investigation that should had been his to have but what is there is a lingering Homicide cold case . .Joshua died by hanging after years of abuse . . .Officer Involved Domestic Violence in California is politically protected. It’s 2020 and I am still dealing with a open cold case full of misconduct after 2 years of begging her office to remove the case. It’s now been another 6 years since her office forced us back into this unending nightmare . . JUSTICE4JOSHUA. com. . Please remember when you give thought to the kind of officer that could be violent with the public . .they go home to a family

  2. I want all three of you collectively to talk about trumps ties Ghislane Maxwell and Epstein. So far I’ve respected all of you telling whole truths. This one is unavoidable. Don’t make me post this on each individual channel…please. You even have the advantage of collecting your thoughts.

  3. Biden once made a statement to the media they were asking the question don't the voters have the right to know and Biden replied no the voters do not have the right to know of his plans. And went on to say I will not play Donald Trump's games. Wow talk about a person with one IQ above a rock lol.

  4. Okay, Jerico Green called Pence a "Smooth Operator"…I am a vocalist…now every time I sing that, and I do, I am going to be thinking of Pence…lol…love you guys!…BTW, not knowing answers on Multiple Choice is…"christmas treeing" (also an ex-math teacher here…I know these students)….once again…lol