Sen. Chuck Schumer blasted Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP for proceeding with Judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmation to the Supreme Court.



  1. What a hypocritical , pos! Chuck Schumer needs to go! We all know that the democrats are the ones that caused this country to suffer through this Pandemic. We need term limits, and we need to drain this swamp! All these treasonous bastards need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

  2. Awww, boo hoo…poor baby didn't get his way. It is Trumps RIGHT and DUTY to have a full court. Trump is well within his rights as the President to appoint an SCJ. No matter "when" it might be. That's his right, that's his obligation to the people. Yes, it was sad the previous justice died, but…courts/life has to go on.

  3. Chuck, you are a liar and murderer "like your Father." "GENERATIONS YET UNBORN" may actually survive to read about this, UNLIKE the "GENERATIONS NEVER BORN" which, through abortion, ARE YOUR LEGACY. Repent before it is too late. "This process", does not beat the recent House Impeachment Trial. How about the RIGHTS OF THE UNBORN CHILDREN? WE AMERICANS HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT AND WE ARE OK WITH IT! GO OFF INTO YOUR DARK WINTER.

  4. Dear Mr. Schumer, please stay on this!! Also, US 2020 Census workers need your help! The Trump administration texted us an early termination date for the Census work to end 10/15/2020, many of us in western TN had over 45% more people to be counted, but now the government has emailed us a termination letter today with a US Census work end date of 11/20/2020, which is not true – they do NOT want us to be able to apply nor receive unemployment benefits while looking for another job! Most TN state representatives are Republican and will not address this problem. Please help asap! Thank you