The influence of Wall Street hedge funds is slowly creeping into rural America. #Tucker #FoxNews

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  1. Tucker, you are the real deal. I don’t rate broadcasters in a light of decency, but you are a genuine light in the dark . I’m a a British Canadian citizen who is self employed, so called self made who thinks people like yourself are a crop of gold . Keep fighting, your not alone!

  2. When you think you know the problem and think you know the solution but nothing is done to resolve it, you're looking at the wrong problem and probably the wrong solution. The "swamp" is the real problem in this case and expecting them to take a hit in their war chests is not on the table as a remedy. Eliminate lobbying and corporate political donations and you'll at least have made a start. Not going to happen. Greed is the real virus and there is no vaccine.

  3. Tucker I hope you will soon leave Fake er Fox News. You are too good a journalist to remain with a company that is selling out their viewership. I only watch OAN and Newsmax. I no longer watch Fake er Fox due it its premature coronation of Joe Biden. You are too good for Fake er Fox

  4. November 11 2020. Need a job? Need to lose weight? You are of moderate intelligence but (1) do not have the clarity of Ari Melber; and (2) have backed the wrong horse. Worse, Murdoch has seen the writing on the wall. BYE!, I said BYE .. bye … bye (has he gone yet?) …

  5. Another dirty politician, imagine that. Tucker, you need to find new stomping grounds – Fox is a lost cause and everyone I know is turning it off and unsubscribing. You, Sean, Janine, Martha, and the others who still believe in honest journalism need to band together and start a network online, like so many others have. Lot of great platforms out there. Good luck.

  6. To Everyone looking for an answer. If we wanna make a change in this country we MUST go after the crooked media. We have let them off the hook too many times and now they are complacent. We need to show up at the corporate offices of ALL these corrupt media platforms and show them they have messed with the wrong people. If there is ever a time it’s now. They ARE the true enemy! We all have herd from them and now it’s time they hear back from us.
    “Want change? All corrupt media must go in shame.”

  7. Problem, u american let liberals conquer all and all in america, mass media, social media, presidential debate , vote counting , FBI, CIA & other important post and u conservative sat in home comfortably expecting all will be OK, but u don't know snake was crawling under your bed, now raise in million for justice or just shut up ……..I remember middle America civil war prophecy by 90yrs old Norwegian women in 1960s….its coming anytime

  8. This thing is so fouled up that they should have a new election. NO MAIL IN BALLOTS! You show your ID, write your signature and cast the ballot. Every single ballot should have priority security, every single ballot should be observed by certified Democrat and Republican observers, as well as high definition video recording. MAKE IT 100% TAMPER FREE. That is definitely a doable deal. Sometimes, you have to get rid of a car that is giving you grief, and get a new one.