Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Mark Zuckerberg for enabling disinformation.



  1. I encourage you to delete FB. I did. Don’t miss it. It is toxic. It’s the only way to take money away from his pocket. Each one of your profiles is a billboard where others pay to advertise and target you to buy more and to hate more. Take your power back.

  2. Dumbest take from Aoc is this issue right here. She wants censorship. And she wants to control the people who decide who can speak.

    Most issues i agree with her on. But this is super dangerous territory when we begin putting limits on free speech because of "misinformation" or "disinformation" who will decide what is right and what is wrong… who will watch the watchmen. We already have a problem with our police state. We dont need to expand their power further.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg is definitely conservative, dinners with Ben Shapiro and other prominent conservatives. Turning religious again. Privately discussing politics with his technocratic fellow billionaires. And having a Chinese wife whom is anti-ccp like foun gong.(which their is nothing wrong but is used as a scapegoat same way Zionist is used in Germany instead of jew).

  4. People have the right to lie, spread rumors, misinform others (see religion for more on this). Those that choose not to use their minds and rely on one source for their information DESERVE to be misled. Neither Facebook, Google, or Twitter own the internet. Stop relying on them for your information.

  5. True that she perceives the male world as systemic, toxic, racist, misogynist….plus all of the other buzz words but that is due to that old male world being competitive which breeds those qualities AOC perceives. Just imagine men entering the traditional female domains and being subjected to some of their negative behavior. The left holds some truth in this strategy but it is going to be somewhat short lived. As males we have less problems than they hyperbolate on this issue because we have spouses, sisters, daughters, nieces plus members of the lgbtq community as our family members. They use Trump ad their perfect Strawman but we who know him, know he likes to thrive on competitiveness and making life fun or problem solving needs to be motivational. Liberals need to learn the lesson and stop behaving like old scolds.