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  1. I don’t mean to sound liberal, but the Founding Fathers did not found this nation on Judeo-Christian values. They were deists, and didn’t want a nation that was ruled by one religion. If it was founded on Judeo-Christian values, there would be no separation of Church and State and there most certainly wouldn’t be freedom of religion

  2. While a lot of your points are valid, you have to then ask why this is the case. While I don't necessarily think it's the only reason, racism and things like redlining in the 80s didn't help the economic situation of black families. That being said, culture is important. The most important thing struggling black people should do now is shed the victimhood narrative and take charge of their lives instead of relying on democrats and the welfare state. Easier said than done I know. But it starts at the home. It always starts at the home.

  3. It's a welfare mentality! The Dems have allowed people to stay and live on welfare for generations and not make them accountable for anything, and it creates a (lower) mentality – at/to the detriment of the people receiving life-long welfare! There is no reason to improve themselves at all, but yet they want to keep up with the Joneses, and when they cannot, they blame everyone else. And… this is the only country people are "dying" to get into…. Than you again Officer Tatum for saying what a lot of us cannot say!

  4. I appreciate your perspective, it made me validate and understand my perspective. Right now we have two perspectives out there. And you have added another facet to the topic and that's what it's all about, hearing all the perspectives without freaking out about it and actually deeply listening. We have freedom of speech yet sadly we are unable to be real about these topics of race cause the public does not allow for these types of healthy discussions. How else can we transcend this if we are unable to share our thoughts?

  5. here is a great one from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the mayor has a mandate that people cannot be discriminated against for the type of hair they have. I kid you not if someone feels they were discriminated against in a interview or hiring because of the way they have their hair. They can file a report to the City of Pittsburgh . That is unreal. It s called the Crown act.

  6. That's their point with America is systemically racist and we have to tear everything down and write a brand new constitution and everything. since white people found it this country and white people worked constitution it is inherently racist and there's no way to fix it so we must destroy it and start over. It is the most disturbing and disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life.

  7. Can we talk though about the fact that "brown" people in and of itself is a nonsense leftist term. Latino is too. There is no such race. The left has warped everyone's mind with that too. Even conservatives don't understand how diverse Latin America is or understand how much Latin European countries influenced their ancestry and culture. Modern day Latin America wouldn't be ethnically and culturally what it is today without Latin European influence or the Columbian Exchange. But no one wanna talk about that. It's the most incomprehensible thing to me that we have this concept that "Hispanics" are not white or cannot be white when 90% of them in this world are from a Westernized culture with Western ethnic roots. It's incomprehensible to call them brown when half are lighter than any Irish person. It's ALL a political scam to attempty to unify a group of linguistically similar people who are extremely varied and unique. It's insulting. Ask a Cuban or Argentine if they're gonna identify the same as Mexicans.