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  1. What is meant by these words, a duly-elected President? It means the person is the true winner of the election, according to our county's election rules. Trump was duly elected and won the election truly. Due to rampant, premeditated fraud through-out democrat run areas, our duly elected President has been removed from office. You know what that is called? It's called a soft coup. Think I'm wrong? Think hard on it. Do you think the nation is better for allowing fraud to determine an election? You are no American if you do. It does not matter if you are Democrat or Republican if you think this action is just because you don't like the current President and his politics, you are not an American and should be thrown in jail or removed from this Country. All Americans, no matter their race or creed should be outraged at the blatant disregard for the rule of law and proper decorum currently on display. Yet some are happy and stand behind this illegal behavior. Shame on those who condone this. I feel a true sense of loss for our Nation and it is not because one man many have lost the race but rather because our Nation has lost, and now is lost.

  2. I wish all of these flag burning, anti American communist who hate America and everything we stand for would be either thrown in prison, or tossed into an actual communist society and see how they like it. The ideology they stand for is intolerance, and stripping people of their success to reward those who have not earned it, all while hiding their own agendas and short comings, and at the same time making up short comings of other people. I can't stand far leftist and have started to put them along side other extremist/hate groups. Biden has done and said so many racist/sexist things and had absolutely no positive change in the 40+ years he has been in office. Why would an old, racist, sexist, liar with dementia be a better president than someone who has done everything he can to build America up and protect her from the manipulation of other countries and the pandemic that he had no part in creating, but has done everything he can to eliminate. A pandemic that has been hyped up by the media to discredit Trump. We have less deaths this year than last year at the exact same time. There is a 90 percent recovery rate and over half of the people that get corona are a symptomatic anyways. The dems and their false narratives have to be addressed, especially with the probability of mass scale ballet stuffing(yet to be proven). If you do not like America, then leave… The door is open, no one is stopping you.

  3. ok… I voted for Trump… Of course! fast forward to Nov. 7th… what the hell happened? and, if all this evidence is out there for Voter fraud? what the hell is his team waiting for to expose the left? and overturn this Election to President Trump! can Someone just answer that Question please?

  4. Here in Australia, with the vote counting continuing, the only video clip of Biden that I've seen is of himself declaring "We will win Pennsylvania". From all accounts, Biden isn't sure what day it is – but he seems extremely sure of this. This whole election stinks like a whorehouse at low tide!

  5. Unfortunately, it looks like the governance of the USA is about to be handed back to the corrupt dems.
    Biden himself has already admitted – indeed boasted about – his own quid pro quo with respect to the replacement of a Ukrainian prosecutor by another. This was about four years before the dems contrived to interpret a much more tenuous case of quid pro quo in a telephone call by DT suggesting that the new (and still honest) Ukrainian president reverse the ruling that had satisfied Biden. The dems have already established that if a quid pro quo took place, it was an impeachable offence. And then they put forward as their own candidate a guy who had worked his own quid pro quo up into an amusing anecdote.

    There is one significant difference between the DT's quid pro quo (even if that is what it was) and Biden's.
    In Biden's case, the prosecutor was replaced, because he was breathing down the neck of Hunter Biden, who was on the Board of Burisma, only because of his connection with Biden – aka "the Big Guy".

    Is it really possible that over half of Americans see no impropriety in Biden's family connections in the Ukraine.
    Anywhere else, that would stink, even without Biden's anecdote.
    This is to say nothing of Biden doing business with the Chinese, while his son follows on the next plane to collect his ten percent on the family's behalf.

  6. Here is how to spot Russian Troll Farm post fakes and activity like this one. They find actual but obscure misleading video. The goal is to undermine the U.S. election and our sense of trust with false information. When the post is uploaded, by a "miracle" it already has thousands of views—AT the time of initial loading. How? They hack the page and Russia bots create the fake views. Then hundreds of fake comments all in favor of one candidate (DT) are loaded by an individual on their side, augmented by bots. Then EACH comment has already (pre-loaded, from bots) dozens of likes and miraculously zero dislikes. Then hardly any comments after launch.

  7. My job involves people talking about their feelings and you know… all that crap XD. I have heard so many democratic personal accounts and conversations where they all say how racist and evil Trump is, and how he's the worse president ever… but you want to know what's peculiar? Every one of them in the silent parts of their conversation tend to say "I don't know"…. and then proceed to slander his name once the next great conclusion enters their mind. The other commonality amongst the democratic voters that I have personally listened to, is not a single one of them I've speaking on the matter of why trump is all these terrible things, have a single documented moment to prove any of their accusations are actually true. They have become so indoctrinated by their favorite news media in their favorite echo chamber. One could argue that we're all the same: that one side thinking they're right while the other simultaneously disagrees only to say, "no you're not right! I'm right!" but what really is the difference? Only those seeking truth and not simply things to back up thing's they like to believe are true, will actually build a solid foundation for their side of the argument on "which is correct?" If you simply follow tangible documented facts, whether found in your own unbiased personal investigation, or a credible documented source, then you will ultimately find which political party is the righteous altruistic one, and which is the selfish step on the throats of the weaker minded for the sake of their own gain one… Perhaps in some cases both are wrong, and maybe even both can be right… but not when it comes to Trump, and Biden. Which party has actual documented tangible evidence of lying… being racist? Did you hear it/see it first hand or at least on television or did your favorite news caster simply tell you it was so therefore it must be? Just ask yourself… where is the evidence that I'm on the right side?… Not: how can I justify my side in spite of all the bad it represents?
    By the way…. TRUMP 2020!!!!! and I'm right bitches ;). And if you're with me so far, and disagree, don't worry… I don't hate your guts, we just happen to disagree… so let me ask you some questions you can ask about both candidates and let's see where you land. HUMOR ME! please. 1. Which runner for the president has policies that raise/lower taxes? which has actually raised/lowered taxes already during their time in office? 2. Is it important for the government to protect it's people's way of life and facilitate an atmosphere that improves their lives? Which one has policies that allow all illegal immigrants into the country and has the American people paying for their free health care, whilst those same illegal immigrants who are undocumented will never have to pay a penny in taxes to contribute to that healthcare system ultimately ensuring a great depression and new Venezuela? 3. Which has policies that make us more energy independent, and independent in general? (assuming you'd rather live in a country that sustains itself rather than relies on other countries to dictate how it's economy is doing.)
    If you actually looked at the policies as outlined on both Trump's and Biden OWN WEBSITES; if you are also capable of formulating your own conclusions without your favorite news network and broadcaster telling you what to think…. then I imagine you'll land on the same side I did. If you didn't oh well, I guess we're different. If you didn't and also didn't vote… no one cares what you think. your opinion has no value… it contributed nothing towards this election. Congratulations, your view has no tangible worth beyond your own self proclaimed imagination. enjoy yourself. 😉
    If we cannot disagree peaceably and still find ways to be united… then plot twist… don't get married. I'll tell you how that ends…. half of everything you own ;).