1. You are so right Officer Tatum – she lies and talks down to us as if we are absolute fools! Disgusting that she could even pull off this global elitist propaganda. And I am sorry, but the HUGE RACIAL DIVISION in our country started once Obama became president!!

    I lived for 7 years in DC/VA and for 13 years in Chicago. One of my best friends in DC was from Ghana–didn't see any problems when I worked in a majority black insurance company.

    I lived in a neighborhood in Chicago where my son went to a magnate school (40% white and about 50% black with the rest a mix). I voted for Obama just hoping for "hope and change"! Some of my VERY best friends were Black, Latino, Indian, Asian, etc…WELL GUESS WHAT?

    WE ALL GOT ALONG GREAT AND MY COWORKERS CHERISHED AND LAUGHED AT AND ENJOYED OUR CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. I personally think the Bush White House was corrupt in so many ways, as well as the Obamas, but I literally could not deny this CRAZY RACIAL DIVIDE –proactively being pushed – when Obama and the media decided to make this their agenda/narrative…DISGUSTING!! WHY CAN'T WE JUST ALL BE AMERICANS??!!!

  2. I hate to hear him/her act like they really cares about anyone! Evil ass talking all quiet like we believe anything they say!!! Screw you and go back to Hawaii. Why didn’t y’all move back to Chicago???? You know who gave y’all your start by pandering to them! Grfoh

  3. It is called Chinese virus because china caused it not Trump! Just like other liberals, she uses emotional state of people without FACT!!! For that reason, many people still feel for this deceptive liars. If you so considered for American, how can you support the pathological corrupt jerk for president? You just shut up and live in your fantasy world.

  4. Yes… Go to that White guy after s/he basically said don't trust white people, because all of them are racist, and want to oppress you! WoW!! S/he has lost her mind. What a confusing message.
    Don't trust white people, but vote for Joe Biden this white guy. Smh