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  1. I have seen what has occurred with your efforts.
    It’s not ok, we can not play Neville Chamberlain to these Bolsheviks

    I am aware of the fact it was not exactly like this and I also know our academic preachings are subpar
    Amd it
    May pass the scrape
    I’m order to get the bell you mention to accept
    A fan must delete the current 1
    Re join u
    Then we can ring a bell

    Hope that makes it there to you

    I must also say I feel that our Duty
    As citizens will be a requirement
    If the un convicted felons the slave owners amd the jackasses who support it are left to the boss to handle

    “The People”

  2. We lost our home of 80 years most of my family have lost their jobs we are now living on the street thanks to Nancy Pelosi this the type of person that you want running the country being going forward she is hurt the American people for her own freaking agenda this is the type of person that says she cares about children she cares about the American people she feeds us are you freaking kidding me she is very lucky that thugs haven't come to see her and no I'm not the type of person that is going to take a vendetta and do something crazy like that I'm just speaking on it there are so many Americans that are losing everything in her going crazy and think about doing crazy stuff because of her we can't feed our kids we don't have a roof to put over their heads because of Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi he stood there and said that he was not going to pass anything he was not even going to bring it up to the floor of the Senate he's got to go Nancy Pelosi's got to go but no mistake Donald Trump is going to win he is for the People by the people through the people he has done great things and I don't care who how and when he has done a lot for the American people