Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained why she supports Joe Biden despite not agreeing with him on some issues and defends non-voters from bullying by Democrats.



  1. Let me tell you something that i want you to think about. As a progressive social democrat, the only reason i voted BIden is because I really want Trump out, but heres the punch line "regardless of who the republican nominee is gonna, BIDEN IS ON HIS OWN IN 2024. If you think not voting at all is not a solution, watch us. The alternative to Biden is not voting. I said it.

  2. I can definitely look you in the eye and remind you that the separating of immigrants from children, being kept in "cages", and "forced" hysterectomies was started under savior Obama.

    I'm not saying trump is better AT ALL.

    I just wish people would get a grip and accept facts when presented with them.

    Obviously the trump administration is not as immigrant friendly a administration's passed, but you have to get a grip, young lady.

  3. It is also okay to say Joe Biden is a corrupt corporatist bought out money party political puppet for the rich and the villains of business and finance! So I will be voting Green party and down ballot Progressives that will fight for the working class which makes up about 80% of the population! No more corrupt corporatists ever! We need Medicare for all and a UBI right damn now! Joe Biden is not our guy, and neither is Trump! And we all know it!

  4. The first debate was important because "voters hadn't seen Trump unedited before". WTF, Sandy?

    Of all of Trump's issues, for good or bad, "people didn't know him" surely must be the least. The man's relentlessly promoted himself for 40 years . He was giving DAILY LIVE briefings on COVID just a few months ago.

    What's that you say? DNC-bots are abusive? But I thought it was those EVIL BERNIE BROS! Biden Boys are the sweetest of innocent angels, don't you know?

    "You should support Joe Biden even if you don't think his policies are good. Because supporting a piece of shit shows 'solidarity with our most marginalized communities', somehow." FFS.

    And THAT's why we call her AO-Cellout. Sigh.

    (It's cute she thinks Biden will be "vulnerable to [our] activism". Does Biden need to LITERALLY spit in her face?)

    Why should we REWARD the Dems for rejecting us, exactly? Get rid of Biden and it's a fresh start in '24. Electing Biden locks the "Democrats" in the hands of the RepubliClones until 2032, maybe longer. I'm too old to wait that long.

  5. AOC became a talking head fast…like…she’s no substance at all anymore…just a future NP signing off on increasing military budgets.

    She could’ve done so much more with her voice, but has enjoyed the attention and power so much she the parts of her voice that mattered.