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  1. I hope Hunter Biden gets help before he ends up taking his own life. He has resorted to drug abuse to cope with the bullshit from his father, and it led to him screwing over his father in the worst possible way (but good for the American people). And Uncle Joe, I almost feel sorry for him, the way he is being controlled and is basically nothing more than a puppet for the corrupt democrat leaders. I really hope we don't soon read about Hunter being found dead with a needle in his arm or jumping off a building. Hope they all just retire with their corrupt money and go live in a quiet secluded place and never touch politics again.

  2. Lol. I love reading Ivanka's and Jared's resumes that show their qualifications to work in the white house. Or review the millions of $$ in trademarks Ivanka secured during Xi's trip to maralago. Or milliins of $$ in real estate deals Don & Eric secured specifically using Daddys name. DONALD TRUMP IS A HYPOCRIT AND PROJECTIONIST!