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  1. the time has come to move Washington DC. not sure what state or where exactly but it needs to be moved to a more central location like Tennessee, Indiana, Iowa, or Oklahoma. we have to keep politicians from ruining the country.

    make the east coast the museum it deserves to be.

  2. I’ve said this for years and I can remember when Kennedy was elected but it would be awesome if people would listen key word listen to what a politician is saying when the words are free you might want to ask yourself if it’s free who’s paying and when they talk about gun control a person can look up this isn’t like 20-30 years ago where it was hard to find and lookup rules and laws, people we have gun control there’s lots and lots of laws about that what you don’t have is people being responsible for the ownership of those guns

  3. The thing that gets me is he's so proud of 39 missions I'm a Vietnam veteran I was a dog gone around a UH-18 helicopter and I flew a mission every day sometimes too sometimes three depending what the hell is going on so 39 commissions I mean hell that's the first month of flying maybe 6 weeks at the outside so he know hero he's a lying scumbag and he's a Democrat That's the worst part of all He's a Democrat

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