Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to President Trump’s attacks on the Green New Deal and calling her “AOC plus 3.”



  1. .Do not follow donkeys or elephants, follow the LAMB.

    The BLASPHEMY of america is it's downfall.

    america subjected itself under GOD but failed to specify/invoke a name.  Every god has a name whether real or fake.  Problem is, not everyone believes in the same "god".  BLASPHEMY no matter how you look at it.  "one nation under GOD" "in GOD we trust" "swear to defend the constitution of the U.S. against foreign and domestic so help you GOD"

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  2. AOC!!! She'll take my money and give it to you, then take your money and give it to someone else, convince morons everywhere that this is a good idea, and eventually run out of money, then what? The green new joke, the jokes on us, literally on us, we pay the trillions, not WE, I pay it. Blind idiots you are.

  3. Asked about the Green New Deal, AOC immediately butters up her host and pivots to identity politics. Big red flags. Green New Deal is nothing like the New Deal, it's a fascist money grab from the left. When the leadership on both sides is fascist, what do we do?

  4. The congresswoman did not appreciate Trump calling her AOC. Regardless of whether we like or agree with her she deserves to be respected enough to be referred to as Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez as she requests. We then could rightly use the acronym for Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez when speaking of her.

  5. After listening to this the only thing I can think about is that movie Dumb and Dumber.
    I'm willing to bet a million dollars that aoc could not explain to anyone the meaning of what she just said. It was just a bunch of mindless dribble.
    The people that voted for her have got to be among the stupidest people in this country. You should be ashamed of yourselves. She's a total moron.

  6. Can’t stomach to listen to AOC’s awful voice and stupidity. Had to stop after a minute. And Jane Fonda who recently said that “COVID-19 was a gift to the Democrats.” Really!!! Over 200 000 people lost their lives in the US and it is a gift!!! She is a monster!!! Hasn’t changed since her days of her trip in North Vietnam, during which she endangered the lives of American soldiers. No consideration for these soldiers who got caught due to her actions, became POW, who lost their lives or underwent torture! Regardless of what one thinks of that war, she visited the enemy. She apologized not so long ago. And now she is at it again with calling a pandemic a “gift”. How despicable!!! Seems she has no consideration for other people’s lives, just for hers. That’s what she likes AOC so much. AOC is a spoiled little girl, who still talks about her daddy a lot. So, AOC doesn’t like to be called AOC!!! She wants to be called her full name. Well, people don’t have time for that to begin with. Also, she claims she wants respect!!! Well, respect is to be earned. AOC does not respect anyone, except maybe the other women in her “gang of 4”. (The Gang of 4 of Madam Mao.) AOC shames and insults anyone who dares opposing her views. She did not even respect Nancy Pelosi, accusing her of some kind of racism when Pelosi didn’t do what she (AOC) wanted. Did she ever refer to Nancy Pelosi as Madam Speaker of the House? Nope. Never.
    On that topic, Whoopi Goldberg told AOC, during one of “The View” episode, “You (AOC) lost me when you went after Nancy Pelosi.” Whoopi also told AOC that Nancy Pelosi had to fight to arrive at where she is right now. Well, AOC didn’t get in, it didn’t register in her little brain.

    Does she ever refer to other congressmen or congresswomen as such? I do not believe so. In fact, it is the contrary. She has constantly threatened to unseat members of the House of Representatives with her “Social Justice Warriors” if they don’t do what she wants. Just like a little girl having temper tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants… and calling Daddy. She is so pathetic!!!
    So AOC has no problem disrespecting and shaming people who do not bow to her and agree with her ideas but “She” wants to be treated with higher respect and consideration than the Queen of England. It is always a great act with AOC, going on her high horses, demanding this and that.

    It is not up to AOC to decide what politicians and other people want to call her. It is up to us. This is called freedom. If anyone wants to call her AOC, this is our prerogative! She cannot shut us up!

    And she acts like that after having been in Congress for less than two years!!! Worst part is that she has ambition and just because she unseated one member of the House, she thinks she’ll win everything else easily. And by the way, she hasn’t invented anything new. She took Bernie Sanders’ idea of Medicare for all and made it hers. On her first day in Congress, she saw some Green young protesters in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office, took their ideas and appropriated them for her own agenda. Congressmen/Congresswomen have fought for years to have some programs in place with not much success. Then AOC comes in, and they let her get away with murder. Because if they don’t, she will shame and insult them.

    AOC doesn’t know much about anything and she’s got the worst attitude of all.