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  1. 2 things standout from the montage- how well-articulated and unflappable Amy is, and how snarky, condescending, and spiteful the people asking the questions are (Harris in particular- whoa….)….they clearly can't stand her, even though she hasn't decided "anything" yet…and what does your view on the correlation between smoking and cancer have to do with being a Supreme Court justice?- those questions are just weird…

  2. This Old First Nation's Native American's most humble opinion and freedom of speech is we need another civil war. time to out every single Democrat and Liberal and Progressive and Socialist and Marxist aka ANTIFA and BLM and those FemiNazi's . Time to put a bullet between every single one of there American hating Muslim loving Eye's . Also need to get rid of all of their stupid ideology and identity politics and fake media CNN , MSNBC , CBS , anything to do with everything on the left ………..And we need to get rid of all of those people who hate America and the American people …..