On a Greenpeace livestream, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and actor/activist Jane Fonda speak out on the Green New Deal, and explain why they think Americans should elect Joe Biden.



  1. Jane Fonda is a treasure. She’s taken huge risks for decades to expose corruption and fight for justice. Now she is bridging the generations, bringing AOC and many Millennial and Generation Z activists and their causes to the attention—and into the hearts—of millions of older voters so that, together, we can, perhaps for the first time, create a true democracy with justice for all. Some months ago I was shocked to learn that, as powerful as FDR’s New Deal was in redistributing wealth and saving the nation, it was also deeply flawed. The deal the FDR administration felt it had to make to pass Social Security was to not include domestic and agricultural workers. This disenfranchised millions of Black people and other people of color who made up a huge percentage of these workers. Screwed yet again. My heart swells as I imagine the Green New Deal activists making sure that doesn’t happen again. Keeping JUSTICE FOR ALL at the center. Yes!

  2. YOu know nothing Jane, you want America to turn into communist. Your dad would be a shamed of you so . Trump didn't kill anyone the china lab was supported by obama and joe biden, 3.7 million dollars was given to china's to bring the covid-19 on us all. Trump didn't kill anyone the virus did. It is a china virus. Your green new deal that you stand up for is going to help kill america and our people, Why don't you and all the rest of the dems move to a communist country and leave america alone. You will never turn our America into a communist country. Trump is going to win. He know's what America needs, and he will get the job done. God has a plan and there is nothing that the dems and there followers can do about it. Trump 4 more years.