Vice President Mike Pence warns voters in Ohio not to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket.



  1. For 4 years now Trump has used the “Under Audit” excuse to avoid releasing his taxes. Is that a valid excuse? First, there is something to be said about liability where information in his tax returns could expose him to laws suits. However, any and all liability went out the door the moment a judge ruled he must release his taxes for whatever purpose. No one can be held liable following a judges order. Yet, instead of using that opportunity to show the world his “clean and above board” business practices, Trump instead takes all such rulings to the highest court seeking to have them reversed. What is going on people? If his fight to avoid to release his taxes does not bother you, how is that so different from someone ignoring seeing some crazed uncle break the law? Doing so is standing in the way of justice to protect a law breaker. Without any liability for avoiding releasing his taxes, Trump is conning those that still accept his excuses. Yet, the bigger picture should be in how Trump has gotten away with so many atrocious acts and yet is still not releasing his taxes. The only conclusion must be that he knows his actions that are hidden in his taxes are intolerable even to his staunchest supporters. Why else would he not just release his taxes and let whatever minor infractions just fall by the wayside like so much else has. Things like: Firing someone for investigating his associates, the same associates that have since plead guilty to crimes. Telling his lawyer to lie about having been told to fire investigators into his own possible wrong doing. Calling on the justice department to lock up his opponents without any investigation into the unproven allegations. I could go on and on, but the CON SHOULD BE OBVIOUS ENOUGH!!