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  1. Why should he denounced the Proud Boys. ? They have all races in their group. they just stand up for America. So do I…So why SHOULD he? While Biden is standing there saying those Antifa Punks that are destroying peoples (of all races) businesses , killing people, including officers, looting . robbing..etc.. They need to go! They need to be held accountable….Them and their spin off BLM who does NOTHING for Black Americans. Point is..If those punks were on my property , threatening me? I wouldn't care if The Proud Boys, the KKK, The Black Panthers or the Muppets on Sesame Street came to get them off my property I'd love them..How's that?

  2. The one drop rule is definitely white supremacy in action. Two biracial friends of mine had their first child. He is lily white with blue eyes and blond hair. When I asked an online group which was arguing the social justice warrior line of reasoning what they would call the child one woman shot beak that he was “Black passing as white”’. I boiled inside. The white supremacist had spoken.

  3. I don't think you understand that Trump reads and follows the philosophy, strategy and tactics of his favorite book, "The Art of War" by Sun Tsu. One of the ways to win a war, not necessarily every battle, is to allow your opponent to think that you are weak, by also letting them think they won the first round. They would likely get over confident and become lax.. They think they actually won that first battle and that you are not the formidable foe that they thought..
    Because they think you are no threat to them, they are not as hyped, prepared and don't bring their "A" game to into the ring.. Overconfidence and underestimating Trump, could be a lethal combination.

    That then, is the time to come out strong, take charge and crush your opponent before he even knows what hit him. His opponent, Biden, is so shocked, demoralized and shaken now, that he won't recover even by the 3rd debate.
    Trump is a strategist. He thinks several moves ahead. That is why so many people say that he plays 5D Chess.

    Of course, I don't know if that was the case. Maybe he just got fed up with all the lies and BS?
    I wonder if being amoral, duplicitous and a sociopath is a prerequisite to running for a seat in the Democrat Party?
    . In fact, I think that Pelosi must have written a "Deception 101 Handbook," along with her "Wrap Up Smear" tactic, then passed it out to the entire party. That would explain how they all seem to think and act alike.

  4. I have 4 biracial kids that are all 18 and older. I raised my kids as biracial, Period!!! My oldest is 32 and she gets into arguments to this day with black folks that try to tell her she is black. She tells them they do not have the right to X her mother out of her being, just as I taught them. I am proud of that. My grand daughter mother is black and hates that I have taught my granddaughter the same. She is biracial and she must never allow anyone to X her grandma (me) from her being as I will always be a part of her!!

  5. When I was fracking and I guess when I was in the Army pretty good insurance and when I was when I got out I start fracking. And I had my wife and my two kids on my insurance plus me and I paid $450 a month for medical, dental and vision. With only like a $20 copay. When ObamaCare came around you know we still were able to keep our insurance but all these insurance companies up their policy rates because I want the government did. And all of us I know a lot thousands of people that suffered like you guys spoke of middle-class yo Blue Collar working. Well my insurance went from 4:50 all the way up to seven hundred almost $700 a month. You know it's all fine and dandy that it does help people that do not have insurance or cannot afford it at all. But ultimately somebody's going to suffer. Hear Democrat speak of free college and free this and that. There's never anything free. It gets taken from the middle class usually. It's surprising how shity they treat us middle class because we are what make the United States work and function and taxes and everything are majority rules

  6. I believe in climate change and global warming to a point minimal. If there truly was global warming all of these financial institutions and big companies and the banks would stop funding and giving out loans for real estate on the beaches. All these hypochondriacs talking about in 10 years 15 years Florida is going to disappear do you really think a big bank will loan a corporate Construction Company 1 billion dollars to build some houses that are just going to get devastated by the water