Seattle radio show host Jason Rantz reports on life inside the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. I was inspired by Tucker Carlsonto write this letter to our local newspaper extolling the virtues of the autonomous zone I inhabit , known as Tamworth NH
    June 22, 2020

    To the Editor,
    The so called “Autonomous Zone “ recently made its debut in Seattle to mixed reviews . “Chop”, its most recent moniker, is, depending on whom you believe, a takeover by radical Leftists, anarchists, Antifascists, malcontents, or idealistic young people inspired by dreams of egalitarianism and racial equality. According to some reports, Chop embraces a population of homeless, who include the seriously mentaly ill, and drug impaired many of whom, tragically , don’t even know whom or where they are. However the Mayor of Seattle called this a “Festival , a Block Party and a Summer of Love” and the Governor said he was unaware of Chop. Chop’s comedic efforts at horticultural may have been inspired by former presidential contender Michael Bloomberg.
    I was thinking that here in Tamworth , we are an “Autonomous Zone.” facilitated by citizens who vote democratically every year at Town Meeting where expenditures for pertaining to the Town, the Library, the School System, the roads , Fire and Rescue are voted on by citizens who choose to attend. Overseeing the running of the town are five selectmen who meet weekly to discuss and decide on important issues pertaining to town business. Citizens are able to attend if they wish . The selectmen are democratically elected . Various other boards oversee other aspects of governance including town planning building permits , recreation, cemetery maintenance and other complex matters . The democratically elected School Board makes important decisions regarding the school, and citizens are also able to attend and participate.
    In Tamworth we have our unique and beloved health care in the form of The Tamworth Nurses Association(TCNA). Under normal non pandemic circumstances their centrally located office may be visited by Tamworth residents without an appointment and many medical services may be obtained free of charge.The nurses visit patients in their homes, and are especially helpful for those needing post operative care. It also organizes Meals on Wheels to help seniors stay in their homes. These services are supported by grants, endowments ,donations and some support from the town .
    Our Tamworth Police Department is highly respected and the officers go above and beyond to be helpful to our citizens, and have no fear of implementing the law when called on to do so. I am grateful for their presence.
    Our Cook Memorial Library is town supported. The Library Director is always cognizant of the needs of patrons, and provides amazing cultural programs . The Chocorua Public Library provides another venue and is supported through grants and endowments.
    We also have many non profits that provide church services, outreach, a food pantry, a summer theatre, a farmers market The Barnstormers Theatre. In non Pandemic times our summer is indeed a three month long party, full of music, theatre, joy and sharing.
    The point I am making is that anyone considering creating an autonomous zone should first visit Tamworth and see how we make it work. On second thoughts, don’t come here we’ll send you the information! Respectfully, Ann McGarity, Tamworth

  2. What surprises me the most is that in my country, Belgium (flanders), this has had no media coverage at all. I just found out about CHOP and no one knows a single thing about it here. How is this even possible, how can you be so incompetent as a mayor? It shows once again towards what anarchy leads. As a European it just blows my mind how protesters can threaten normal people with assault rifles and the police does nothing. I wish we had a news channel overhere with someone like Tucker. His sarcasm is from another world. Don't let neomarxists ruin your beautiful country USA.