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  1. I’ve been saying for years that big brother tricked all the little brothers into watching one another for him. Before everybody had a cell phone, everybody wanted a cell phone, but I can’t remember anyone saying they needed a camera. Why did they need to put a camera into a device That they knew everybody would want?

  2. The reason that T_D got banned officially is that users on the sub called for violence against people… On a old old post that wasn't really being maintained anymore, by "new" accounts that haven't even been around for a while. Even though other leftist subs call for violence all the time and are allowed to survive.

  3. I totaled it up and the 6 big tech companies gave $4,287,752 to Joe Biden and only $239,527 to Donald J. Trump. So they gave $4,048,225 more to Biden than they gave to trump. Really proves why they suppressed the New York Post story about the Biden email messages. Also proves why they treat conservatives like total garbage while letting the far left go hog wild with their weird conspiracy theories while suppressing all conservative speech. This is why we need something done about this. I really thin the far left conspiracies should be banned too while the right-leaning people are no longer banned for just expressing their views and the social media sites are TRULY NEUTRAL once again. I would LOVE to see that.

  4. Amazing, free communist speech, First Amendment rights not involved. I am an adult and I am allowed to make my own decisions of what is right or wrong. Unfortunately I guess if you own a business like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, you have your ideas on what should be seen or heard, unfortunately people have their own right to decide, not everything in the world or their world is wonderful. Suck it up and let everyone discuss the Biden matter, make the forum what it should be about, expression of each others thoughts and opinions. I forgot it's not a Socialists idea or the New World's Order of discussion, DIRT UNDER THE MAT PLEASE, NON ISSUE.

  5. I'm sorry to say, you are so very right. The thought of any government being able to absolutely control everything I think, do & say is a wide awake nightmare. At that point we cease to live a human beings…scary!
    For the love of God, it must be Trump 2020 & just as important, Republican house & Senate to effectively do right for the American people!!!

  6. The speaker of the white house banned on social media due to fake news…. i am from europe and this news is just to weird to believe. So the US is now so turned upside down that the whitehouse is the spreader of fake news. Aren't those companies american, don't you guys have laws against this? it really is to crazy for words. I allready thought the censorship is a bad thing not trusting the people to be smart enough to make up their own mind but censoring the state for fake news is mindboggling.
    I hope Trump get's reelected and that he will make laws to prevent this in the future. Maybe make a stateplatform with total free speech or something because it is vital that there is a platform to accomodate the flow of information. Any platform owned by private people is to easily corrupted as shown in this election.