Tucker Carlson claims documents his team sent through a mail service regarding Hunter Biden suddenly went missing. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. INSANELY Stupid Story Tucker . Only your geriatric gullible viewers would think documents would be paper and think it plausible that only one copy existed, LOL. Documents worth millions of dollars, and they weren't digitized? and someone just tossed them in a fedex envelope to send you without any protection, insurance or lawyers involved??

  2. Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. John 6:47 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life"-Jesus.

  3. um.. sorry it's the year 2020 if you didn't know. An absolute plethora of ways to send documents via email or internet (securely) exist. Not to mention… you would have to be absolutely incredibly, astronomically, mindblowingly stupid not to make copies and send originals. So… why not just send another copy out? Why not send it digitally? don't be stupid Fox News, don't give me a reason to stop watching.

  4. Oh man! The original copies of these "damning" documents are somehow missing?? How inconvenient!! Sure wish they made copies….. I know for a fact they exist because Rudy told me so, and he is no one is capable of making anything like this up. Oh well, I guess we'll just let the American people decide for themselves…. Shucks!! Lol

  5. This is how I know Trump is going to lose. I'm not a dem or republican, so I don't really have any stake in this, but I worked in DC for years in political PR, and this is the type of information (or disinformation) campaign designed to rally conservatives to the polls. However, making fun of Carlson is pointless; he's playing a role in this, and he's 100% in the know of how it works. The target of this campaign isn't those watching the news; it's those who don't watch the news. This is how it works: Tucker has a wide audience and is hated by the left, so he goes on television and makes this outrageous claim (I'd guess that they either had a low-level employee in UPS who they paid to do this, or sabotaged the envelope before putting it in a drop-off location [but I'd guess having an insider is probably their move]). The followers of Fox and Trump begin spreading this information everywhere (in person and on the internet). The left begins mocking how ridiculous this is (i.e. falling for the bait). Now we have a story that is being spread by loads of people on the left and on the right, making the story get taken up by social media algorithms, thus spread even more. Everyone forgets that Tucker can easily receive another copy of these documents if they were real, but they're not, so he'll simply act like we're not living in the digital age and that copies exist elsewhere. Again, this is part of the plan to enrage democrats. The primary goal is to get non-news consumers to hear about this story and become afraid of a big-state conspiracy or other boogieman, with the ultimate objective of getting people (mainly conservatives) to the polls (especially the ones who need a little more motivation in order to go out and vote). The secondary purpose of this campaign is to further lead people to believe that the mail system in the USA is corrupt. They bank on the fact that most targeted wouldn't distinguish the private mailing systems from the federal, thus more ammo for the whole "we can't trust counting mail-in ballots". The reason this wasn't done at USPS is because it's a federal agency (i.e. a private agency isn't subject to a federal investigation for something like this). So, my projection: Fox knows Trump is going to lose; this is a last minute try to change that, but when it doesn't work, their next course of action will be to smear the Biden administration for "falsely winning by a corrupt mailing system that allowed voter fraud". They will ride a wave of fear mongering, hoping to influence future elections. Democrats/left wing media outlets did something after Bush beat Gore (albeit, there were legit reasons to look into counting Fl's votes back then). I'm only posting this so that people stop and actually think about the news they consume. Stop arguing in the comments; most of the people who post on these videos are bots or hired to stoke people's emotions, and if they are real supporters, insulting them won't help anyone. Talk to those who disagree with you like they are a human, and maybe you'll both leave the conversation with an expanded understanding of things. Per the fake YouTube accounts, I'm speaking from experience, as I know this is a tactic many groups on both sides use; there are literally companies who can be hired to flood videos with whatever messaging you want them to say. Remember, there is ALWAYS an objective behind every story broadcasted. I don't care if you support Biden or Trump; both try to play the general public like pawns (not a conspiracy or anything, that's just the game)…just do your own research and think about how the stories in the news impact current events. And stop insulting one another.

  6. Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive, iCloud, Box, One Drive and countless others. it's 2020 and they decided to ship original copies of the "damning evidence" cross-country using a general parcel service. If they had concrete proof that the ex Vice President of the United States was selling out the country to the Chinese and the Russian one would think it warrants someone jumping on a flight and delivering it in person with all that FOX money.


  7. Tucker seems to be implying that this unnamed carrier has a company-wide bias against Trump or Fox News, or there is at least one employee of the carrier who is fervently against Trump, AND they knew this one single package from Fox News NY to Tucker Carlson in LA contained the one and only copy of the damning documents, AND they opened that one package, removed the contents, but left the opened package as evidence of their skulduggery. I'm sure the unnamed carrier has a working theory, but basic courtesy keeps them from accusing the customer directly.

  8. Is it April 1st? Is this actually the Onion News channel?

    Now listen up kids… THIS kind of sh!t doesn't work to explain why you didn't finish your homework and once you're an adult you should be too deeply embarrassed to use this excuse EVEN if it was true.

    "The paper I wrote for my homework is amazing and will change the course of your life. Unfortunately, a large, well-known dog ate my homework. After I printed it, I deleted the original computer file and did a military wipe of the hard drive. I did take a picture of the stack of paper so you have absolute proof that it existed. The owner of the dog doesn't even have a working theory to explain why his dog would have eaten my homework."

    I can't believe Fox actually keeps this clip up on their YouTube channel.

  9. You mean in this day of email, GPS and photocopy you lost a bunch of papers that could make or break the United States election. Did Tucker Carlson just admit that he and his entire team are idiots? Or did he never have these documents to begin with.
    It was once a career-ending move for reporters to lie on screen. You can literally see the devolution of your society the entire world is watching.

  10. You mentioned you sent pictures of what had been sent. Great you have a backup. Hoping ALL documents were backed up. Now, along with the original source, you have a trail to prove the missing originals. Questionable sending originals through shipping during this time. Questionable to allow ANY hands to touch it, especially if real Sender and Recipient NEWS SOURCE names were available upon it to be READ. Someone could see big bucks and use them for Biden or Democratic BLACKMAIL. Monitor your phones also. Causes wonder however, was NO source trustworthy enough to keep originals safe until your return? Hmmm…