President Trump held a joint phone call from the Oval Office with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and Sudan’s Chairman of the Sovereignty Council General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.




  1. I think Bibi was aware of the d-ep st -te plans to steal the election so he has to "make nice" to Biden…whose plans have never done a thing for Israel and never will Commies hate Israel. Trump deserved better than that because the TRUTH is HE sent that delegation to broker peace and no one else has done more for that ungrateful country since 1948. Bibi revealed a lot about his "friendship" in that moment and I can see the President noted it. He doesnt get many thanks or appreciation and this above all deserved it.

  2. The Bible is clear that God does not play against His perfect justice and righteousness, be it for Israel or for the US. So, Mr. President need to repent asap for what he said against Ethiopia.

    My prayer: Oh Almighty and Sovereign God, bless America and forgive President Trump.

  3. Good new for Sudan and Israel. But reckless comment toward Ethiopia on the dam. The dam will be complete regardless and the countries WILL reach a diplomatic agreement not involving US arbitration. Ethiopia is not looking for consent to use its own resource lol. All he did was weaken US relations with Ethiopia.This was poor game smh he should've stayed neutral

  4. I am a supporter of Republican party because of their christianity values. Donald Trump how could you recommend the Muslim nation which is Egypt to destroy the dam of the poor and mostly Christian nation which is Ethiopia??? Do you know my poor people reduce their daily bread to build this dam??? God will judge

  5. Sudan is on a terror watch list!!! The agreement was for the Country to pay compensation for the terror attacks in 1993 against Americans, and with that they get a free pass, and taken off the BAD BOY LIST!…these agreements are just fluff and have not been cemented in stone!

    Nothing in the agreement with Sudan states they must not allow Terrorists in their Country!…Another failed negotiation by the failed American Administration!!

    Trump just wants this to be a foreign policy success….what about Yemen, and UKR being invaded by Russia…..