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  1. This woman does not know Jesus, she would be more careful in regards to her mentioning the name of the King Of Glory, hopefully she will one day know Jesus
    I am not sure why anyone fears this girl, really it is funny to see her fellow democrats act like she can actually hurt them. If they did their job as they should but do not they would have nothing to worry about. She is rally funny to me.

  2. To the producer of this channel:
    I have enjoyed your content and your format.
    Your voice and delivery is fine.
    I have unsubscribed for three main reasons.
    #1. The election is almost over, I'm saturated with politics!
    #2. You put out TOO many videos…(get another hobby…lol)
    #3. You've begun whining about subscribers and views…"Ain't nobody got time fo'dat! "

    This is my first time commenting. I don't usually, so don't expect a reply from me.
    I'll still ✔ your channel(s) once in a while.

  3. What these mental perverts will never understand is that Christ advanced his teachings as something people should CHOOSE to to! She wants to FORCE people to do. There is an entire world of difference between those two things! One is put forth as an issue of moral growth, the other as an issue of authoritarian oppression.

    For example:
    It is good to take care of the poor and sick

    Jesus – Please take care of the sick. They need help and it is good to care for those less fortunate than yourselves. It helps them and you grow yourself from giving and caring for others.

    AOC and other autocrats – we're going to take what you have earned, whether you like it or not, want to or not, and give it to whom we decide is needing of it because WE are the arbiters of morality, not you.