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  1. If Breonna Taylor was white cops never would have stormed her house with a fake warrant based on fake information. In case you didn’t know the attorney general is a bought and paid for nigga. It doesn’t matter what she was doing in her house it was her house and a warrant based off phony info. Warrant doesn’t mean anything when it’s based off fake info.

  2. 12:35 wow, this is very disgusting that he smiled when they were talking about Ahmad Albury like that it has been proven by the courts in pending investigation that's going on right now that he wasn't stealing anyting the owner of the construction building or house said that he wasn't stealing that nothing was stolen the people that were arrested said that they supposedly saw him get a gun but there's no point there's evidence of the cops saying that it's okay that he shot the guy but he won't put up that narrative it's amazing that this guy is smiling and trying to justify people killing other people and then saying that it's just a narrative being spewed motherfuker you're doing the same exact thing you piece of shit

  3. I'm listening to this and as much as I don't like Tatum report he is making some good points however he's not really saying in the same video that just came out right now that you can cysts and sees in his own problem 1 why did the guy who shot went inside the crime scene when he's a cop you should know you're not supposed to go inside an active crime scene until the CSI gets there to the man who got shot why did he go to a private doctor and not a hospital why did you do that three why do they grab the weapon that shot Rihanna Taylor didn't put it in evidence because it supposed to investigation after you shoot somebody and put it in another cop's car and their trunk my apologies in their glove compartment I know Tatum is Prokop and I kind of feel that the 40-page Brianna Taylor thing was leaked to him because he's a cop because the cops kind of realized that they need to make a narrative after he saying that the other side is making a narrative this hypocrite really pisses me off you have a narrative and you're spreading it the same side as the other side so you just as much as a hypocrite while you talk about the inconsistencies why are the police's statements all different if they were all there if they did everything right if it did everything by the book why are all the statements out of order different amounts different shots why and he probably and people could apply at Acme on this right here and say that I'm crazy or I'm left I'm not left I'm not right I'm a person that's looking at this substantially also in the 40-page report they never said that Brianna Taylor was a drug dealer they allegedly said that and supposedly said that and he is not saying I probably won't even sit at the end of the video when she didn't they found no drugs no packages in Brianna Taylor's house that she was supposed to be a drug kingpin

  4. My biological father never paid a dime in child support for his three Children after walking out on us (ages 3,4 & 10) he never went to jail nor had to pay anything even after being brought to court numerous times & also not showing up on certain occasions. Granted this was 15- 20 years ago. The child support system is FKED

  5. Now I hear the left is claiming "friendly fire" Saying the ballistics report raises doubts about Walker firing first. How does a ballistics report show whom fired first? rofl It only shows what caliber the round was and if it came from Walkers pistol. "The KSP report says that “due to limited markings of comparative value,” the 9mm bullet that hit and exited Mattingly was neither “identified nor eliminated as having been fired” from Walker’s gun." So the report proves nothing… Walker said he fired first(9mm), and the officers returned fired(.40S&W), at that point Mattingly could have been hit with a bazooka from behind in the exchange and it wouldn't change a thing. Walker fired first and any shots fired after that makes the whole "friendly fire" story moot. If they want to charge the officers with murder after they used their 2A rights to protect themselves from deadly force then you have to charge Walker with attempted murder after using his 2A rights to protect himself with deadly force.

  6. You worked with as and EMT, that work close with police, but have your name and address everything to do with a man selling drugs..
    Arrogance to it all
    The real lesson is to these girls who want to date drug dealers,
    Don't put your name and address on his messy business, as they dud not go busting down his baby mamas house.
    This is her X, but he still getting mail there.
    Your name on cars he's using
    On his money records
    When bailing him out.
    All of this is cause and let's get real,,where else would they go