Earlier today, President Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Do you think he would have made this deal somehow Bibi? Sleepy Joe. You think he could have made this deal?”



  1. That segment they posted separately. I think Bibi was aware of the d-ep st -te plans to steal the election so he has to "make nice" to Biden…whose plans have never done a thing for Israel and never will Commies hate Israel. Trump deserved better than that because the TRUTH is HE sent that delegation to broker peace and no one else has done more for that ungrateful country since 1948. Bibi revealed a lot about his "friendship" in that moment and I can see the President noted it. He doesnt get many thanks or appreciation and this above all deserved it.

  2. Netanyahu I have no trust in his nature and words.
    I would like to know exactly what Iran wants.
    Everyone is against them.
    An they never fight back.
    If it was America government going through the same conditions. That Iran is going through now, by the USA.
    We would be at war with Iran.
    Israel is always stirring up the fight.
    What is Iranians doing that is so wrong with America and Israel???
    I am asking this question.
    Because someday these people will answer to God for their plans and actions.